Want Visibility, Credibility, & Profitability? First You Need One Thing . . . Relationships

I’ve mentioned the VCP Process® time and time again throughout the years on this blog site because we simply can’t achieve success at networking without strategically building visibility, earning credibility, and then ultimately gaining profitability.  The key to all three of these things, however, is found in one thing . . . relationships.

In this short video, my good friend Lisa Nichols and I explain how building quality relationships is the single most powerful thing you can do to position yourself for success and fulfillment in every area of your life.  As Lisa puts it, when you nurture your relationships with good intention, people will innately want to give back to you.  Lisa talks about how she has built her entire business through investing in quality relationships (as have I) and because of this, her business has grown by double digits each and every year.

Lisa and I are a perfect example of how building quality relationships with others can enrich your life and your business in amazing ways.  Over the years since we first met at a TLC Conference, we have developed a deep respect for one another and an irreplaceable friendship through our mutual dedication to helping each other in any way we can.

Watch the video now and think about how you might take specific actions in the coming weeks to invest in building quality relationships with those around you . . . who would you most like to approach and ask, “How can I help you? . . . Is there something I might be able to do for you in order to help you meet your goals?”

I would love to hear your feedback on this video or how you are going to take action in the near future toward nurturing your new and existing relationships.  Please leave your ideas and thoughts in the comment forum below–AND . . . I’ll send a surprise gift to the first ten people who add to their comment the correct answer as to where another of my good friends (Bob) is hiding in this video.  He may not be so easy to spot this time but I promise he’s there just begging to be noticed!  (NOTE: To ensure you receive your gift, you’ll need to send your full name and mailing address to Erin@bni.com after you leave your comment in the comment forum below).  Thanks in advance for your input and participation!


Also, Bob says he really recommends that you click here (www.MotivatingTheMasses.com) to read more about Lisa and the inspiring work she does on a daily basis. 


17 thoughts on “Want Visibility, Credibility, & Profitability? First You Need One Thing . . . Relationships

  1. Thank you Ivan & Lisa! I do agree with you. I like it when I can build a relationshiop with fellow business persons or clients. I love helping others. What can I do for you? Everytime I think or hear about VCP, I remember Ivan talking about the “wind sprints”. That always get me to focus on what I can do for my fellow business people or clients and for myself.
    By the way, Ivan you bettter get Bob, he is hanging by one arm on the post beside you!

  2. Awesome message. The visual of the blocks with the “relationship” cement is simplistically profound. The power of relationships is what holds us together.

    Bob is on the post on your right, Ivan, knowing he is safe because of his relationship with you.

  3. So many people forget to build the relationships with other businesses before asking for business. An important point that all of us should remember.
    Bob is next to Ivan (on Ivan’s right, our left looking at the video)

  4. I can’t imagine my BNI group without relationships. The fine folks in my group are part of my daily life now and I can’t imagine my business or personal future without them.

  5. I think that the comment Lisa made, “Nurture Your Relationships” was spot-on! Once the relationship gets created, you’ve got to nurture it. You don’t plant the bulb and then expect it to grow & bloom without nurturing it. More importantly, for me, the idea of nurturing a relationship means continued interactions with that person, indefinitely. Otherwise, it’s going to wither and die.

    As for Bob, he’s affixed to a post which can be seen down in the bottom left corner of the screen.

  6. The most amazing part was how Lisa edified Dr. Misner uniquely. That was a great example of how a strong relationship can be transferred to another person. Helium and String was a amazing analogy.I will strive to uniquely and powerfully edify like that.

    1. PS. Bob is on the post at your right elbow, Dr Misner. I plan to examine each group of my relationships, one at at a time, to determine the level -VCP. Then, I plan to invest the time to move each relationship in that group, to the next level.

  7. Thank you Ivan & Lisa!

    As a Referral Institute Franchise Owner it is so great seeing that our founder speaks the same language as we do. The VCP Process is critical to understand in order to have a successful referral marketing plan. Without it, you are just selling!

    I look forward as always to hearing more from you and Lisa in the future.

  8. I have developed relationship business not just with fellow members but even my clients. Serving authentically is the best thing to do, humanity needs it. Naturally you are rewarded.

  9. Hi Dr Ivan, nice one. For me i will say: the in depth happiness which relationship brings beget satisfaction that makes profit counting…..by patronage.

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