The World’s Largest Referral Networking Organization

BNI was founded in 1985 and is the largest business networking organization in the world. The organization has over 7,000 chapters throughout every populated continent of the world. In 2015 alone, BNI Members generated $9.3 billion in closed business. BNI offers Members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts and most importantly, business referrals.


BNI Foundation

The BNI Foundation is helping to change lives by improving circumstances for children facing financial instability that negatively affect their educational opportunities. We support initiatives that provide resources to educators and organizations that make success easier for kids, either by removing barriers or by providing incentives for focusing on studies. For us, the mechanism to help with this shift is investing our time, treasure, and talent to assist in education where we can. We do this through our Business Voices™ Initiative and our Givers Gain® Grant Program.