Dr. Ivan Misner – Keynote Speaker

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“Ivan had me entirely engaged throughout his talk. He made his points well without laboring them and he tells the stories that illustrate his points very well, bringing his listeners into the experience with him.

…We are both very glad that we attended.”
Karin L.

Newest Topics I Can Speak About

Everyone wants to sell at networking events but no one is there to buy.  Dr. Misner calls this the “Networking Disconnect.”  Whether you hate networking or like networking, Dr. Ivan Misner will give you the step by step process of improving the results of your networking activities.  Watch this presentation and you will improve your networking skills however you feel about the process.

This talk is his signature presentation.  In it, he talks about the mindset and skill set of networking.  The mindset content includes his trademarked VCP Process, the Butterfly Effect of Networking, and the importance of diversity in networking.   The skill set content includes how to start networking in a room, transactional vs. relational networking, how much time you should spend on your networking efforts, and the 24/7/30 follow-up system to name just a few.

CNN calls Dr. Misner the “Father of Modern Networking.”  If you bring him out to speak to your audience, you’ll understand why.

The Secret to Work-Life Balance

Are you living your best life?  Do you ever feel overwhelmed or inefficient? Are you happy with the people that surround you?  Are you having trouble achieving some of your business or life goals?  If you said yes to any of these questions, don’t worry – there’s hope.  You see the quality of your life depends on the people in your life and this presentation will help you create the framework to curate the life you desire.

Dr. Ivan Misner founded the world’s largest business networking organization with thousands of locations all around the world.  He’s written more than 2 dozen books, he’s been married for over 30 years, has three adult children, and was called Humanitarian of the year by the Red Cross.  Work-life balance was a key to helping him achieve his dreams and it is the subject of his bestselling book, “Who’s in Your Room, The Secret to Creating Your Best Life.”

Bestselling author, Jack Canfield says this material “has changed my life and it will change yours.”