Classic Video: How to Invest Your Time and Money for the Highest Return

I have been doing video blogs for quite a few years now and a while back it occurred to me that some of the videos I’ve previously posted focus on timeless topics that deserve to be revisited and not buried way back in the video blog archive.  For this reason, I decided to occasionally feature a “classic” video blog from my blog archive and today I am sharing the fifth one–”How to Invest Your Time and Money for the Highest Return.” In this video, I talk about how to invest time and money into your business in the way that will ultimately pay the highest return–education.

Many businesses fail within their first three years of existence because they only pay lip service to education yet aren’t willing to invest the time, effort, and money into learning about how to continually grow and develop in order to achieve the business goals and the vision they outlined for themselves at the start.

The fact is, people who immerse and engage in a culture of learning are much, much more successful than those who don’t. Watch the video now to learn about an action you can take this week that will help you measure whether or not you’re investing enough of your time and money into what will truly help your business earn more and achieve more. 

I’m quite interested in hearing your thoughts on this video, your comments about what you currently do in order to invest in educating yourself to build your business, and also your results from carrying out the action item I explain at the end of the video.  Please leave your feedback regarding any or all of these things in the comment forum belowThanks!

2 thoughts on “Classic Video: How to Invest Your Time and Money for the Highest Return

  1. Dear Dr Ivan Misner
    My name is Madalena Paim, I’m from Brazil and I’ve just joined to BNI. My group is Titanium from São Paulo.
    I’d like to coment about this video because I do believe that Learning is the best way to consolidate a business. The only thing that gives the company a competitive advantage is what she knows , how it uses what it knows and how quickly she can learn new things. I’ve been working with Training and development (adults education) quite a long time, almost 24 years, and know I decided to create my own company because I want to create a new concept in learning orgoanizations. That’s why I came to BNI and Ithink that I’ll learn a lot with your videos, articles, teachings, also because it wil be a best opportunity to practice my English abilities.
    Thank you so much

    Madalena Paim

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