The Profit Puzzle of Business

I recently had several business associates ask me about finding a good model for a business plan that they can use for their franchise.

Being able to market your business is, to a large extent, based on understanding your business.  Understanding your business begins by creating a plan.  One of the best models I’ve seen is one that I have used and recommended for years.  It’s called the “Profit Puzzle.”  It was developed by a good friend of mine – Don Osborne.

Below are the key categories (or puzzle pieces) that Don uses in his system.  If you need, or want, to produce a business plan for your business.  I recommend you check out  Just remember – once you have a structure for your plan – it requires that you commit a fair amount of time and effort to actually complete the plan (the plan doesn’t complete itself!).  You have to do the hard work to think about what goes into each part of the puzzle.

Check out Don’s  categories below.  They are very thorough.

2 thoughts on “The Profit Puzzle of Business

  1. Great checklist! How very true though – once goals are set that match your vision, you need to map out the action steps of how you will get there and then implement that plan throughout your organization. Helps if you have your top management involved early, and involve your staff as soon as possible. Developing leadership skills needed at all levels to execute the plan and adapting processes to support them in that effort is key too. Good advice in this checklist for us all.

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