Systems and Referral Marketing

It’s International Networking Week and one of the many ways I’m celebrating is by posting this video blog on how to network better and smarter with systems.  In this short video , I talk to my good friend Bertrand McHenry, a Referral Institute Trainer and Franchisee, about how people who develop a system for referral marketing generate substantially more business through referrals.

Watch this video to find out how creating a system for referrals can help you predict the income you will receive from referrals up to 12 months in advance and be sure to check out the International Networking Week video–make 2012 the year you commit to developing a networking strategy and achieving real business growth through a structured referral marketing system!

One thought on “Systems and Referral Marketing

  1. Loved the topic, but too was hoping for a little bit longer video with more infomration.

    This topic could very well be worth covering in your next book Dr. Misner. Being systematic often leads to being consistent. I could certainly use more tips on this.

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