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The Dos and Don’ts of Online Networking Meetings

The technology that exists today is great.  When I started BNI 35 years ago, we couldn’t do any of this.  We all had to quickly learn how to utilize the net as part of your networking strategy this year. Naturally, there’s a great deal of overlap between face-to-face and online networking. However, networking online works only when you are engaged during your online networking meetings to learn about each other.  Therefore, you need to practice active listening so that you leave your online networking meetings with more ideas on how to refer your networking partners. Now, more than ever, you need your network to work together and support each other by networking online.

Seven Tips for Your Online Networking Meetings

Watch this video to learn how you can make your online networking meetings more successful:

Learn how to utilize the net as part of your networking strategy.

It will still be a while until we can attend face-to-face networking events again. Therefore, we need to attend online networking meetings instead. Online networking meetings will never replace in-person networking, but they work well together. If you remember these tips during your next online networking meeting, you will maintain a powerful personal network that will be even stronger once we return to in-person networking again.

What tips do you have for attending your online networking meetings? I would love to read your suggestions. Please share them in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “The Dos and Don’ts of Online Networking Meetings

  1. 8. leave your camera on ! (many people think its fine to turn off their camera along with the microphone.
    9. Think you are actually sitting in front of the person. (Believe in the virtual is real) this prevents you from getting distracted.
    10. Pre-record your own audio – video to be able to calibrate the experience. One never understand how good or bad our voice, ambience and visual feels to the viewer till one looks at one’s self in the mirror.

  2. Ivan you have covered all important points.Thanks for putting all together for us.
    One small point to add ..many people go on chat box in between meeting to write about their business , which I believe is hunter policy.Better to Avoid.

    If some one has to really attend something urgent ( like natures call, even that can be pre attended to meeting!) better to off video rather keeping that vacant.
    Please advise.

  3. Hello Dr.Ivan. Agree 100% on all the 7 pointers. Most important is Active Listening.
    Also, to Add: Most of them switch off their cameras during an online meeting and talk, which makes me wonder is the other person actually concentrating on what I just discussed? With the camera switched off, one can’t see the reaction of the person with whom the meeting is being conducted.

  4. Hello Dr.Ivan. Agree 100% on all the 7 pointers. Most important is Active Listening.
    Also, to Add: Stick to the meeting time duration and limit meeting distractions.

  5. Attending will show how serious you are in profession show your positive attitude in virtual. We have to adopt this one or another day tradition + innovation plays a role here.

  6. Line etiquette is part of our life today and most people do a lot of wrong things in front of many people. And I fully agree with the comment of sticking to the meeting time duration. So importante. Thank you Ivan.

  7. Thank you for the video very useful. What are your comments and thoughts on members who do not have a physical office for their business and call into the virtual meetings from their car or truck?

  8. Great 7 items to remember. I’d also suggest that please do not group chat during the weekly or feature presentations. It is distracting for the person giving their presentation.

  9. Love these ! Very strong – one to add, when using your phone for the meeting and you MUST get up and walk around, please turn the camera off, it is extremely distracting for those still on the online meeting.

  10. Rules to live by! We are all always so busy that we fail, at times, to be fully engaged in anything…. we think we’re really multi-tasking when in fact we’re giving several things short shrift. We really can do only one thing well at a time. Be wherever you are; give the thing you’re doing your full attention in order to get and give full value to that experience.

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