‘Why People Resist Networking’ Series: Part II–Too Busy to Network

In this second installment of the “Why People Resist Networking” Video Series, I discuss another commonly held idea behind why people most likely resist networking–they claim they are much too busy to network.

The bottom line is that though people may feel they “don’t have the time” or that they’re “too busy to network,” in reality they’re simply not making the effort to take the time because they don’t realize two extremely important facts about the benefits of networking and the power it has to significantly build their business.

I highly encourage you to watch this video to find out why the “I’m too busy to network” mentality is something you definitely need to overcome if your goal is to grow your business as efficiently and effectively as possible.

After watching the video, I’d love for you to leave your feedback, thoughts, and/or comments in the comment forum below.  In addition to leaving any feedback you might have, I’m specifically interested in hearing your ideas/tactics for combating the “I’m too busy . . .” mentality.  Thanks!

3 thoughts on “‘Why People Resist Networking’ Series: Part II–Too Busy to Network

  1. I think the fundamental reasons of people not net working is the resistance to deal with the unknown and the vulnerability of seeking support from the known.

    70% of the people are not comfortable dealing with a new people as they do not know how does the other person react and 70% worry that the if the know person rejects our request , it is tough for me to accept, so I better stay away.

    how do we overcome this. Ask this question which is more important to you – growing your business or some time being rejected by the known or the unknown. if the answer is that it is important for me to improve my business, then face the reality of being rejected some time , but getting things done most of the time.
    happy net working – sethumdhavan

  2. Thanks for creating this series Ivan. I am really starting to appreciate how important it is to get out of my office and connect with other professionals in my niche. In fact, I truly think you cannot underestimate the value of meeting someone in the ‘real world’ over connections you might have online and on social media. A combination of both is obviously the best approach.

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