New Years 2018

New Years 2018 Message

For many cultures around the world, today marks the dawning of the new year.  People were up at midnight, full of energy, excitedly celebrating the clock striking 12:00 a.m.–the start of 2018. More importantly, it symbolizes the chance for people to start fresh and move forward in bigger and better ways. I would like to wish you a happy New Years 2018 with this personal message about setting both personal and professional goals and achieving them in 2018.

Every year, during the last week of the year, I take time off from work and Beth and I reflect on the passing year and strategically set new goals to accomplish bigger and better things with each coming year.

With 2018 having just kicked off today, it’s a whole new year and time to reflect and re-examine why you’re doing what you’re doing. Here are 4 Questions to Start the New Year off Right.

If you have not done this yet, take 30 minutes today to sit down and take stock of the good, the bad, and the ugly from the past year. Then, you can forge ahead in the new year with a fresh set of goals and a specific plan to achieve those goals.

You cannot hit a target you are not aiming at. So create those targets and work towards them.

Post a message here on my blog as to what your biggest goals are in 2018. I would love to read them.


5 thoughts on “New Years 2018 Message

  1. Hi Ivan, great messsge. I am starting the year off with becoming a full
    Member of BNI as of midnight 1st Jan 2018 the email arrived so today has been spent getting my Connect profile written & planning my goals ready for my induction of Friday & the list of 1-2-1s I have lined up! But my goal is to visit every chapter in my region this year as I am a distributor for SendOutCards & am amazed that as a strategic alliance partner there is no other SOC people in my region & need to spread the word & get people in BNI UK loving SendOutCards too. Thanks for all you do & the content & videos they are inspirational & I love that both SOC & BNI have the same ethos of Givers Gain, thank you & a very happy, healthy, prosperous & goal fulfilling 2018 to you & all in BNI, best wishes, Alison

  2. Hi Ivan, I also want to wish you a successful year 2018, and I think that it is a good time to talk about goals for this year, personally my goals in this year will be at least start with one more branch of my business and duplicate sales, and of course if it is possible to do more we have all the energy to do it, thanks for your advice, greetings again.

  3. Hi Ivan, thank you so much your message. My goal special goal in this year is to help someone to get their dreams….I really believe “Givers Gain”…

  4. HI Ivan – great message – I just want to add that when setting goals and developing plans, it is also very important to have an accountability partner. Someone who can and will hold you accountable, but more importantly someone who will just help you get back up when you have setbacks and someone who will be your cheerleader. We all make mistakes and have some challenges, don’t do this alone…. working with someone keeps the motivation and energy going. Thanks for the great message and for showing us that taking some holidays and downtime is very important.

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