Specific is Terrific with LCD’s

Weekly networking presentations with LCD’s

It is very important to be prepared to introduce yourself by breaking down your business into your LCD’s (Lowest Common Denominators). Each week, create a business educational curriculum to train your sales force to focus on just ONE aspect of your business.

For example, each week just focus on:

– A service
– A product
– A benefit

When you want to nail a presentation, start by explaining your lowest common denominators, or the most immediate, universal value of your business. Your LCD is your secret weapon.

Click on the graphic below, or click here, to see this video. Learn more about developing this training approach for your weekly presentations.

5 thoughts on “Specific is Terrific with LCD’s

  1. Great learning. Used LCD technique this week in the meeting, immediate referral and business got closed too.

  2. Terrific! I am “network education coordinator” for my chapter. Going to summarize this for my chapter at our next meeting…Also of course going to use it myself!!!

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