Business, Networking, and Sex!

Look around… make sure no one is watching. You just clicked on a link from a business website to a blog article about “sex.” Well, I’m afraid it might not be what you think.

Do you wonder whether men and women approach networking differently? Well, I do. So do two associates of mine by the name of Hazel Walker and Frank De Raffele.

Sex is about how your body is put together. Gender is about the role you engage in daily. Male and female brains are hardwired differently. According to some experts, the male tends to be about taking action as related to goals (called instrumental functions by the scholars) and the female for the talking or for nurture that is related to relationships (called agency or interpersonal functions). Studies in 39 different countries highlight these differences.

Well, we want to see if this is true and how it plays out relating to the way that men and women network. So take a few minutes (really it will only take a few minutes) and join the 5,000 people who have already answered this survey. We will be sharing the results in an upcoming book, and you can say you were part of the survey!

Take the networking gender survey here.

In addition, feel free to post a message below relating to your thoughts on the subject.

3 thoughts on “Business, Networking, and Sex!

  1. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.

  2. Hi Dr. Misner just finished listening to your interview with Joe Polish very cool Kat!!! I also get lost for hours interacting with my friends on the net.
    I grew up in Clairmont and went to Madison High back in the 70’s.

  3. Hi there! I have read this book (Networking and Sex) and have listened to Hazel through the years on the BNI podcast occasionally. I am a fan. I have not read Room Full of Referrals with Dawn Lyon but I am interested. Here is my question – in my business group called Business and Professional Women, we are choosing a book on business written (at least in part) by women. We are also hoping the authors would engage in a ZOOM call in October during National Business Women’s month to discuss the book. I am not able to figure out a way to connect with either of your writing partners. Can you help me with this?

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