Work in Your Flame

In this video, I explain why I equate the phrase ‘working in your flame’ with being in business and loving what you’re doing, and the phrase ‘working in your wax’ with being in business and really not liking or enjoying what you’re doing.

I also offer some key advice on how to find ways to work more in your flame and less in your wax, and share what it is I, myself, do that allows me to work in my flame.

Watch the video now to learn how to take small yet significant steps in your journey toward truly loving what you do for a living!  What does working in your flame mean for you?  What is it you do in your chosen profession that you truly love?  Likewise, what is it you do that causes you to work in your wax and how might you delegate those tasks to another employee who might actually enjoy those same tasks?  I’d love to get your feedback on this–thanks!

5 thoughts on “Work in Your Flame

  1. I like it! My flame is helping people and presently helping women to better protect themselves from harm is my flame. I believe that I save millions of women with my book and training for women. I am going to stop there as I am very passionate about this topic.

  2. Hi Ivan
    Your simple metaphor and underlying message helped to remind me why I so enjoy helping to set up new BNI groups.
    The development that you can support in both people and communities is the core of me working in my flame.
    Kind thoughts

  3. Fantastic advice! It’s especially interesting to me that what’s in your wax, may be in another person’s flame. By getting out of our own wax, we can help someone to flame on!

  4. Thanks Ivan, I agree with you when you say that working in your flame / wax is a journey. Entrepreneurs in particular are good at identifying those flame and wax areas and being able to strategically focus on their “flame” while delegating the “wax”.

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