Will You Take the Givers Gain Challenge?

Givers GainThis time of year always leaves me very reflective. Since it is Thanksgiving here in the United States today, I just want to take a moment to talk about something near and dear to me – Givers Gain.

I have a lot to be thankful for, from my wonderful family to my striving business networking organization. Thanksgiving isn’t the only day that I’m thankful, but it certainly is one day that gives me a chance to relax and enjoy the things that I am thankful for.

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again – Givers Gain is a standard, not a sword. By giving to others, in all aspects of life, ultimately I will reap the benefits. However, looking at others and judging their actions against Givers Gain will never benefit anyone. After 3 decades of keeping this standard close to my heart, it remains just as true.

That being said, I have a challenge for you all. Go out sometime in the next week or so and do something selflessly for others. It could be for someone close to you, or a complete stranger, or a group of people. Whomever you do something for, do it with only their best interest in mind.

Share with me, either through this blog or on my social media, what happened when you were truly selfless. I’d love to hear your stories.

6 thoughts on “Will You Take the Givers Gain Challenge?

  1. When things are going really well for us humans, we can get bored. When we are bored we tend to create mischief… And mischief can result in sabotaging a life that is going well. So when my life is going really well I do anonymous good. The secret of keeping life on track is to do anonymous good and not get caught doing it. Last week I noticed my hard-working single Mom neighbor’s trash cans were not out. So I put them out just in time – just before the truck came by. This week I will leave a bouquet of flowers in a vase outside the door of an elderly neighbor who does a lot of volunteer work at her church and took on her grandson when her daughter got into trouble with drugs and was unable to. Life is good. I am grateful I found BNI and all the new delightful friends I am making…

  2. Givers Gain indeed!!!! I randomly support my family members when they are in dire need. We talk of family but these are very under privileged kids going to high school and college. They lost their parents and have to find tuition and other scholastic requirements on a regular basis. I dedicated myself to provide for them not only tuition, but anything needed for school. I always put my needs aside, despite my business struggling and thank God I always manage to support them. I’m overjoyed when they keep blessing me with words of kindness. My surprise, is that, though im also still struggling to put my business on a profitable path, I always manage to get something sufficient for their needs. That’s is why I Thank the Lord, every day and night.

  3. I live the ethos of altruism, giving and sharing with others who are less fortunate than ourselves, mentoring a growing peer or opening a door for someone to expand their brand or word of mouth. It is Givers Gain day to day, week to week, its become my mantra and its the only way to do business and to live. I find it ironic that we have only “one day” annually in America that our cultural society forces its self to think this way, what could we all achieve in true Success if we all did 4-5 days a month of true giving. The possibilities are end less. Give back as it feels great in life!

  4. I live in Chennai, India. I help others to grow organic vegetables on roof. Even though i earn very little. When people harvest their vegetables and share the photos with me every day, I feel like top of the world. Every day some body will be sharing photos of their harvest and thank me. I feel blessed.

  5. Initially, I thought this isn’t a challenge at all because givers gain is how I live but then I felt helpless as hell broke loose in our city with a mass shooting that has been all over the international news. That is when I took just a few moments to comfort a friend, a spouse of a cop, who was terrified her husband wasn’t coming home. Then he did.
    Those moments and hours strengthened our relationship enough for her to reach out to me to help with something special for the cops who have been injured. So, I thought of this challenge. I didn’t want to just check the box for these heroes. I wanted to do something for them. So, I carved out some time from my schedule to do something just for them. It won’t hit the news. It won’t something I share here or anywhere, but it is something just for them. Something at the end of the day is something, I hope, makes them feel human, loved and more than just a story on the nightly news.

  6. Since reading the book Givers Gain several years ago, I’ve worked toward helping others all day, every day, because I had an epiphany. Done without expecting return, giving of self is rewarding mentally, physically, emotionally and financially. Do you know that we are born to care for and help each other? Our brains are designed for it, biologically. The more we help others, the better we feel. The more others see us helping, the better they feel. And, the people who are being helped feel better. Let’s all make it a point to help each other more and more. And, thank you for beginning this movement 30 years ago, Dr Misner!

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