How to Become a Charismatic Introvert

ID-10066405I am a natural introvert. I know, I know. Shocking. It can be hard to believe that I might be a bit shy, considering how many dozens of times a year I get up in front of audiences and speak on a variety of topics. However, even an introvert is able to muster up some charisma and get in front of a crowd. To build up your own charisma, here are a couple tips you can try.

First things first, develop some interests. Read the news, listen to the radio, travel, watch speeches done by people you consider charismatic or by people who are leaders in your field. It is generally easy for people to talk about things that they find interesting, or things that they know about.

Another great way to build up some charisma is to go into your conversations with a positive attitude. Nobody wants to talk to a Debby Downer. Plus, if you act happier, you may even trick yourself into feeling happier.

Talking with hand gestures can actually help you feel more confident, as well, and come across in your charisma. The catch here is don’t overdo this, as it can quickly spiral out of control and cause you to seem a little scattered and off-putting.

Finally, your body language can do a lot when it comes to your charisma. Are your shoulders tense and bunched up toward your neck? Are your knees locked while you’re standing? Are you figditing? These are very obvious signs of being uncomfortable. Consciously work to control these, and you may just see your confidence and charisma skyrocket.

What steps do you take to build up confidence when speaking in front of strangers or large groups? Share your tips in the comments section below!

9 thoughts on “How to Become a Charismatic Introvert

  1. Whenever I have to get up and speak to a group of individuals I remind myself that I am the expert in what I am speaking about and noone in the room is is likely to know more about what i have to say than I do so it is unlikely that even if I make a mistake anyone in the room will know. This has helped me relax on many occasions!

  2. I like to ooze with passion when I speak so that even if I stumble they are less likely to care because no one wants to hear someone who does not care about what they are talking about.

  3. Before I speak, I think of expressing myself and my views. I focus how can I, my message can add value to people. I don’t focus on getting admiration.

  4. Adequately prepare and practice, practice, practice in front of the mirror! If I’m giving a REALLY important presentation, I create a video recording of self so I can study a really good visual and audio at the same time!

  5. What has worked for me is to visualize that my energy fills the whole room/auditorium/arena and that I have the intention of sharing a message with everyone in the room. I used to be concerned when the faces staring back were solemn-looking and later realized they were thinking about what was being shared. It was easy to lose confidence if I forgot what I was going to say (from a memorized speech), which is when pauses became my friend. When I paused, the right words came to mind (thank goodness!) and the audience actually seemed to be listening more closely.

  6. For year as a corporate trainer I spoke easily and never had a complaint that I could NOT be heard. Now I am constantly asked to “speak up” as my voice is very soft and can barely be heard a few seats away. My voice sounds loud in my head. I can hear others fine at the end of a room. I am concerned and confused…

  7. I will pick out three individuals in three different parts of the room and make eye contact with them. Anyone can talk to three people, but it looks like I am talking to everyone.

  8. On a small piece of paper write the 3 most important things in your life, fold it up small, put it in your pocket or some place you can see or feel it when having to speak out of your comfortable level. Those 3 things on that tiny piece of paper will give you the courage you need.

  9. I ask a lot of open ended questions. People always think I’m much more interesting than I am because they get to talk about themselves. The trick is to pay attention and make appropriate non verbal responses

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