‘Why People Resist Networking’ Series: Part I–Lack of Confidence


In this first video in the “Why People Resist Networking Series,” I list four ideas about why people most likely resist networking and then delve more deeply into detail about the very first idea–Lack of Confidence.

I offer insight into three different reasons why people lack confidence when it comes to networking and then give explanations & solutions (solutions which have helped me in my own networking efforts, I might add) to combat this reasoning which too often prevents people from reaping the benefits of networking for their business.

After watching the video, please leave your feedback, thoughts, and/or comments in the comment forum below.  I would love to hear your feedback as well as your own ideas about why people may lack confidence in regard to networking. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “‘Why People Resist Networking’ Series: Part I–Lack of Confidence

  1. Lack of confidence and fear of rejection are very likely responsible for most of the hesitancy. However, it appears that many people who are unaccustomed to networking have an aversion to ‘being sold’, which is why BNI’s motto: “Givers Gain” is so compelling. I do agree that the more you do (especially the 60 second spots at BNI as well as at other networking meetings) the easier and the more fun it becomes!

  2. I love the idea of having someone introduce you to ease making the connection at a networking event. Curiosity is also helpful, and it’s works even when you’re not introduced but others are wearing name tags. Asking questions of a stranger about the event, about their business, if they know someone in attendance in a profession you’d like to meet all work and turn the spotlight from you to them.

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