The Power of Authoring

Building credibility and recognition are two important pieces of the networking process that definitely help grow your network and your business. Becoming an author is a technique that has worked well to develop personal and professional credibility for many people I know. Authoring is an extremely powerful advertising and branding tool, because with each article and/or book you write, you are building brand recognition for you and your business.

As an example of how powerful it is to be labeled an author, just look at the way the media reacts to it. Let’s say you approach the media and ask them to interview you about your business. Nine times out of 10, they’ll tell you to take out an ad; but, over and over again, I’ve seen them interview anyone with a book!


If you’ve written articles or a book or you have something in the works and you don’t know how to get it in the public eye, I highly recommend a website called to help you with this process. There is some great content there for authors and budding authors.

4 thoughts on “The Power of Authoring

  1. Excellent article Ivan. I am a young author and entrepreneur. Currently, I am writting content for my first blog, and I plan to write an ebook within the next year. will be a valuable tool for me.

  2. Following Dr. Misner’s advice, I have been blogging for a year now. I started with personal thoughts so I could practice a less formal writing and have now added a business networker blog. I have had a couple of article published; looking constantly to grow those visibility and credibility factors

  3. I think now I will certainly attempt to become an author! all these days I was thinking but could not attempt and kept matter for future. After going through this I feel that time has come for me to put pen down or use key board!
    If at all I succeed in this then you will be the one who should be credited for it Ivan.
    The constant sharing of best practices and experience certainly gives the confidence and courage to continue the efforts.

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