Tiffanie Kellog

“Reservation for 2 Table for 4” by Tiffanie Kellog

Tiffanie Kellog, trainer for Asentiv Florida, is joined by Shawn Yesner, owner of Yesner Law and podcaster – Crushing Debt, as they explore a method that can be used to introduce others to prospects and/or referral sources.

Learn about the “Reservation for 2, Table for 4” in this video.

One thought on ““Reservation for 2 Table for 4” by Tiffanie Kellog

  1. I was seriously following up with the referral with one of my chapter member, when ever given any referral. But all the time some reason for not getting the order. slowly my follow was a bit slow and lost interest to follow for the same member referral. Am I doing wrong.

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