Real Goals vs. Wishful Thinking

I recently had a conversation with a business owner who claimed that they were going to triple their business this year.  When they told me this, my first thought was that tripling their business was a great goal to have and, naturally, I wanted to know how they planned on doing that so I asked.  The answer revealed a huge problem . . . they didn’t have an actual plan.

In this video, I talk about the difference between real, attainable goals and what people often label as “goals” that are, in reality, nothing more than wishful thinking.  In the case of the business owner who claimed they were going to triple their business but didn’t have any type of strategy in place to do that, their “goal” was simply wishful thinking.  A goal without a plan is not really an achievable goal, plain and simple.  Watch the video to hear more about why it is critically important to have a plan for achieving your goals and to get key tips which will greatly aid in the actualization of any given goal.

Is there a goal you have achieved that you’re particularly proud of and worked hard to attain?  I’d really love to hear about what your strategy was and how you became successful in achieving your goal so please share your story in the comment forum below–you never know who you might inspire to achieve great things!

2 thoughts on “Real Goals vs. Wishful Thinking

  1. Great advice. I was particulary taken by “it is better to do six things a thousand times than a thousand things six times”. Great advice and I will certainly work on adding that to my planning. Thanks.

  2. Simple and to the point. Dr.Misner gives us great advice on how to make a goal come true. Reverse Engineering is spectacularly attractive and easy to do. Listening to this is a must for all BNI members

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