Balance: Illusive and Elusive

When we hear the term “work-life balance” we think about trying to spend an equal amount of time in all areas of our life.  The problem with that is that almost no entrepreneur can actually achieve that. While life can’t be fully in balance, it is possible to create a life that is in harmony with your vision.


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Here are some simple techniques:

  • Wherever you are – be there. If you are at work, don’t be thinking about the time you didn’t spend with the family the night before, or what you should be doing with your “significant other” right now. When you are at home, don’t be thinking about the work you have to do at the office.
  • Be creative (about how you manage your time). If you have a big project at work that has to be done and you want to spend time with the family one evening – get creative. I used to spend the evening with the family and when everyone went to bed, I sat down to write my first book.  I finished the book without taking any time away from the family.
  • Integrate various elements of your life.  For many years I spent a couple weeks or more working remotely from my lake house. Now, I bring my staff and management team for short retreat/work days. The last week, I take off completely and spend time with the family. By integrating the two worlds I create a sense of harmony.
  • Practice “letting go” and “holding on.” Contrary to popular belief, I do not think it is possible to “have it all.”  Unfortunately, life involves making choices. Practice understanding what things to say “no” to and then letting go of them. At the same time think about the things that are truly important in your life and hold on to them with all your might.

What are some of the things you do to create harmony in your life?  I’d love to hear your thoughts so please share your ideas/tactics in the comment forum below.  Thanks!

One thought on “Balance: Illusive and Elusive

  1. Hi!
    This is my contributing thoughts to this subject.
    I try to leave a night a week (usually Fridays) for family time (fun dinner, movie or playing a game), to just ‘be’ together.
    I try to have a regular exercise routine, but mostly with ‘fun’ activities that I actually enjoy doing (tennis, bike, yoga, kajak, ski…).
    I also practice some form of ‘balancing routine’ (Alexander Technique is my favorite). And some ‘silent’ time to frame each day: at the start and/or end of each day: special readings, meditation. Just alone time.
    I try to remember being ‘grateful’ for whatever I have!
    (My daughter adds: animal contact, music, friends, outdoor activity, setting a goal and achieving it). 🙂

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