If You Don’t Have One, People Could Be Avoiding You . . .

Have you ever been to a networking event and purposely avoided someone you really wanted to talk to because you were embarrassed you couldn’t remember their name?  Well, if you’re not wearing a name badge at networking events, other people could be avoiding you for this very reason!

In this short video, my friend Kevin Barber and I explain why name badges are an extremely important tool for effective networking and why you should always be sure to wear a name badge at networking events.

Do you have an exemplary story that demonstrates how name badges have come in handy for you, or how the lack of a name badge (whether yours or someone else’s) affected your networking?  If so, I’d love to hear it so please share it in the comments section . . .



10 thoughts on “If You Don’t Have One, People Could Be Avoiding You . . .

  1. I sold a name tag to a fellow BNI’er. The very next day while sitting outside of Starbucks, she had 2 people ask about her web site business. One is now a customer and the other a good prospect. Not bad for a $20 investment and no time.
    I sell name badges as Silent Sales Reps! Wear them all day and they “scream out your name and what you do” to people at the coffee shop, in a bank line, waiting for your lunch or the networking meeting at the chamber.

  2. I purchased a nametag that went along with my branding (I’m famous for zebra stripes and teal bubbles). That name badge has gotten me many clients and people from all over the country come up to me at networking events because they recognize me from the tag. Best $15 I ever spent on advertising!

  3. Great advice! My name badge has changed my life. I too, am an introvert. I learned from the book “Networking Like A Pro” (by Dr Ivan Misner, David Alexander & Brian Hilliard) to wear a name badge as a matter of habit, visible from 12 feet away. I created my name badge (first name only) with MS Publisher (business card template) specifically to fit into the BNI name badge holder. My first name actually ended up visible from about 50 feet away. “Strangers” say, “Hey Glen!” from across rooms and parking lots. (They aren’t strangers when they know your name, right?) Below my first name and in much smaller and subdued font is my memory hook – a ‘conversation continuer’ for closer proximity. “I Have A Passion For Dirty Air” How does the saying go? “Anonymity is the enemy of success.” Don’t be a stranger! Thank you to Ivan, Brian and David for the great advice that has helped me make so many new friends on a personal and professional level.

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  5. It’s a great ice breaker if everyone is wearing a name badge. I was at an event recently and happened to see a lady that I had spoken to in a few months ago. She was wearing her name badge and I was glad because I couldn’t remember her name otherwise. I love the idea that Bob Hargarther talked about of having made a custom name badge for a client that can be seen by others and the idea of wearing it everywhere you go.

  6. Along with business cards and a pen, name badges are absolutely essential for networking success! They are a courtesy to other people! I wear mine at business events and many other places- remember, you can network anywhere, anytime!

    I once ran into a lady who had no name badge and when she complimented me on mine, I asked her where her name badge was. She replied: “I don’t need one- everybody knows me”. Really? I didn’t! 🙂

    Shawn McCarthy BNI ED Ventura County, Ca.

  7. A conference I attended in Silicon Valley a couple of years ago asked that attendees wear their badges on their backs. This avoided having to stare at someone’s chest to get their name and allowed you to surreptitiously check out who they were before engaging with them. It was different but never caught on.

  8. Name badges are the perfect way to stand out in a crowd at networking events. So decide what’s more important: sticky stuff on your clothes or being unapproachable.

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