How to Combat the Fear of Failure

We all deal with the fear of failure from time to time.  I know I certainly do.  It’s a part of life and it can sometimes cripple us to the point where we’re so afraid of failing at something that we’d rather not even try.  So, what can we do about it?  How can we move past it in order to achieve our greatest goals, dreams, and desires?

Well, the answer is simple.  We stop worrying about whether or not we are going to fail because–guess what?–we very well may and that’s okay!  It’s inevitable; we are all going to be successful at some things and we’re going to fail at other things.  The key is to refuse to define ourselves by our failures and commit instead to both learning from our failures and defining ourselves by our successes.

In this video, I tell a personal story about a time when I was virtually frozen in fear because I was so preoccupied with the prospect of failure, and I explain how it helped me to realize the key to combatting the fear of failure.  The fact is, if we always try, we can eventually win.  But if we let fear keep us from even trying, we will fail without a doubt.

Is there something that you currently want to accomplish, big or small, but haven’t attempted to start because you’re afraid of failing?  If so, make a list of one action you can take each day (no matter how small) for the next week which will help get the ball rolling and move you toward accomplishing what you want to do.  Then, when the week is over, repeat the process of mapping out and completing small daily actions every coming week–before you know it, you will have made real progress!

If you have a story about a time fear of failure stopped you from doing something, or a time you overcame your fear of failure and accomplished something important to you, please share it in the comment forum below–I’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “How to Combat the Fear of Failure

  1. I suffered from fear of failure constantly and always visualized failing instead of succeeding. After years of being ironically successful in spite of my fears, I had two major setbacks in life 20 years apart. And I survived both and finally found the way to come back stronger each time. When I finally overcame my fear of public speaking, I also overcame my fear of failure. Now I imagine succeeding, not failing. These setbacks, or failures, are two of the most significant steps I have taken toward being a successful person today. Success does not mean financially rich. It means having a positive mental outlook, a can do attitude, a live in the moment life, it means doing what I love, being successful at everything I love to do, and finally finding harmony in life.

  2. Ivan,
    I absolutely loved this video. You are a man of great vision and execution. Your wife is also incredible. Thank you for your kindness, intelligence and caring. Your books and BNI are great!

  3. Iam afraid of failure, mainly because I am a very brand new enterpreneur, not so yaiung in age, with all my career built in a corporatte world.
    I am very optmistical person,I hope I can live with this ear and I can suceed well with my business

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