‘Full-Calorie’ Networking vs. ‘Networking Light’

A while back, I published a blog about networking and, in it, I mentioned that the networking organization I founded, BNI®, is structured around weekly networking meetings.  In response to that blog post, a gentleman wrote to me saying how much he loved the idea of networking meetings and everything about the concept of networking for business appealed to him, but that he just absolutely didn’t want to have to commit to going to a meeting every week.  He proposed that a once-a-month BNI meeting would be much more appealing.

In this video, I detail my response to this gentleman’s proposition of monthly, as opposed to weekly, networking meetings–in other words, his suggestion that networkers should have a ‘Networking Light’ option as opposed to going for the ‘Full-Calorie Networking’ system.

Suffice it to say, opting for ‘Networking Light’ has never done anyone any favors, and my secret to success in business and life (which I share in this video) has a lot to do with never cutting corners or skimping when it comes to my daily recipe for goal achievement.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this video!  What has your experience been in weekly networking groups vs. networking groups that meet much less often?  Please share your thoughts in the comment forum below.  Thanks!

2 thoughts on “‘Full-Calorie’ Networking vs. ‘Networking Light’

  1. Groups who meet less often, experience the same kind of success. LESS OFTEN success. By meeting on a weekly basis, your sales team keep you top of mind and you keep them top of mind. The compound word networking is appropriately named. You cast your net, but it takes work; however it is by far the most cost effective way to build a business. Great blog topic.

  2. This was an excellent reminder of the necessity of weekly meetings. Even those that meet every other week, miss out if they are absent. That means a month will go by without seeing the members of their chapter team. Not good. It’s worth getting up early once a week to build your business. Follow the system and don’t re-invent the wheel. Love it. Thanks so much.

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