Don’t Wait for a Reunion to Network with Former Classmates

After graduation, classmates seem to spread out to chase individual professional goals without any context in which to keep in touch.  Fortunately, the internet now offers a multitude of options to help you reconnect with old school friends and acquaintances and convert those relationships into useful tools for your business.

In this short video, I discuss several of these online networking options that will help you effectively connect with your former classmates so you don’t have to sit around waiting for a reunion to give you the opportunity.

After watching the video, I encourage you to connect with one of your former classmates during the coming week by using one of the online networking options I mention and then come back and leave a comment about your experience.  I’m willing to bet you’ll be glad you connected and you’ll continue to connect with more and more friends and acquaintances from your school days.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Wait for a Reunion to Network with Former Classmates

  1. This is great advice, and have successfully done this myself. In fact after connecting with a former classmate I discovered she had just started a VA business, and now use her services. In addition, my wife and I network and attend events from her schools alumni program.

  2. This is true. It’s so easy to stay in touch with people nowadays. I grew up in the 90s so EVERYONE is on Facebook. The only people that I am not connected with are the people that I don’t want to be connected to.

    What’s crazy is that many of the people who I didn’t believe would support me are.

    Thanks for the video

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