The Number One Networking Requirement

So many times, I hear of people joining networking groups and then becoming disillusioned because the referrals don’t immediately start pouring in. The fact is, whatever you pay to join a referral/networking group is only an admission price–it gets you into the room where opportunities may come your way, but it doesn’t entitle you to referrals. It’s not enough to simply show up and participate. You must perform to make the most of these opportunities and new contacts.

Despite the built-in structure and focus on referrals, a strong-contact group member can fail to generate referrals or to receive referrals for himself or herself. Networking skills are the number one requirement for generating more referrals. Being in the setting of a networking group simply makes it easier to use these skills. Simply being a member of a strong-contact group does not entitle you to expect or receive referrals. Nor does being a member of a casual-contact group limit the number of referrals you can generate or receive, if you have the skills and use them.

Develop the skills of a master networker by constantly looking for ways to help or benefit your networking partners and earning a reputation as someone who can get things done, no matter what the organization or situation. For example, one extremely savvy and successful networker I know records the names and cell phone numbers of every member of her networking group, and when new members join, she adds them to her “tele-rolodex” immediately. She has found that she has a better chance of seeing closed business between her contact and the person to whom she makes the referral when she can introduce them immediately–right when she learns her contact’s needs.

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5 thoughts on “The Number One Networking Requirement

  1. Absolutely spot on. Being there is only a part of the journey. Being fully engaged in the process—now that is where the action is!!

  2. So True!!! Just being part of the group wont do the job. you have to provide value to the group and then can ask for the referrals. the law of reciprocity definitely works if done skillfully.

  3. This is game where one need to have highest level of persevarance.Apart from regular timely attendance one also need to work continously for the group to keep it happening.
    Narendra Damani BNI Awesome Bangalore

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