Raymond Aaron on Brand Creation & Brand Polishing

I had the pleasure of recording this video with my good friend Raymond Aaron while in Canada for the TLC (Transformational Leadership Council) Conference at the end of July and this is a must-see video for anyone wanting to build their business (which, if you’re reading this blog, more than likely describes you).

Raymond says that if you’re having difficulties attracting the clients and the wealth that you want, it’s very likely that this is due to the fact that you’re in an ‘ocean of sameness.’  In other words, you might know how you’re different than your competitors and your clients may very well know it too, but to everyone else out there in the world looking at you, you look the same as every other professional that does what you do.

Watch the video to learn about the easiest way to differentiate yourself using brand creation and brand polishing so you can get out of the ‘ocean of sameness’ for good.

Also, be sure to visit www.Aaron.com to get a FREE copy of Raymond’s book, Double Your Income Doing What You Love.

One thought on “Raymond Aaron on Brand Creation & Brand Polishing

  1. On 11/1/2012 I heard you on Lisa garr’s The Awareness Show and you said if send in email adress you would send your book on branding and 2 free passes to your seminar on I think 11/10/2012. I was unable to pull up on my ipod what I am able to do today 11/2/2012. I hope I am not to late to get your gifts.
    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

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