Networking Faux Pas Video Series: Abusing the Relationship

This is the first post of a series of video blogs I’ll be doing on networking faux pas.  The faux pas I talk about in this video is what I call “abusing the relationship.”  I tell the story of a woman who used her relationship with another networker in a way that was very wrong and even somewhat deceptive.

Over the next couple of months, I’m going to do videos from time to time on some of the most egregious faux pas I’ve seen over the years when it comes to networking.

I’d love to hear your reaction to this first faux pas–how would you handle it if someone from your networking group invited you into a similar situation?  Would you feel comfortable referring them to others in your network in the future after the incident?   Please share your thoughts in the comment forum below. Thanks!





7 thoughts on “Networking Faux Pas Video Series: Abusing the Relationship

  1. Sadly, this story is not unique. I was once invited to a “birthday party” that turned out to have three vendors there selling their product like you might see at a trade show event. Fortunately I discovered the ruse prior to going and did not attend. Not only did she fall off the credibility curve, but so did the three vendors for participating in her “party”.

  2. I was also duped into attending what I was led to believe was a business meeting for a current project I was involved with at the time. I was told we were meeting with business associates for a possible sponsorship opportunity for the project. As soon as I walked in the double doors and saw the MLM initials on a giant screen at the front of the room, I felt the sting of this major faux pas. My friend’s credibility went through the floor and hasn’t stopped dropping yet. I stayed for a very short time and left chagrined.

  3. 15 year Member here…
    The bigest Faux Pas that is continuos is the mis-use of email.
    We ahve a member of long standing tenure who cannot get it through her head that her emotional responses to her life experiences are not Networking opportunities. I have blocked her amil—yes, it goes to Junk email now.

  4. Thank You Mr. Ivan
    Your Video is very informative and it shows that their should be a commitment in what person says or in invite for. this also shows a trust building factor.

  5. Interesting video Dr. Misner. I have never experienced this on such an extreme level. I’m actually surprised someone would flat out lie and then not even provide cake for the fake birthday party! Great Stuff.

  6. I once went to a large well functioning chapter and as I conflicted (web developer) with a member I only talked about a bolt on I do (in respect for the member). A few members asking me for my details to help them with their websites (I said they should talk to their guy). I then observed the guy go to each member in turn and shove his iPhone in their faces “This is our latest deal, can I sign you up?”… all about the Gain and nothing about the Give… so I then understood why I seemed so popular.

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