Negotiating With Clients is in Your Best Interest

ID-1009160How did you determine how to price your services? One reason you may be suffering with finding new clients could be due to how much you charge. If this is the case, more than likely you’ve heard this objection from current or potential clients before. While you may not want to consider negotiating, it really is in your best interest. Here’s why:

  • If you agree to at least negotiate on a price with a potential client, they may see you as empathetic and willing to work with them. Many people allow their emotions to help decide how they will spend their money, so developing a positive rapport may help you close with a client who otherwise was considering not spending money on your services.
  • Negotiating allows you to explain to your potential client why your fee is fair for the value of service they’d receive. If they can search the internet and find others in your industry who offer similar services for cheaper, this is especially important. You know you are worth the extra money; you just have to justify it to the client.
  • While negotiating, a potential client may mention a service that you don’t offer, but your competitor does. Hearing this kind of feedback can help you later when you’re looking to expand what you offer.

In the end, some people will be impossible to negotiate with. No matter how low you go, they will never buy your service. Don’t continue to lower your prices to try to get them to use you. Remember that your business first and foremost is a way for you to earn income. Never negotiate lower than you are willing to go.

What tips do you have for negotiating your price with potential clients? Share them with us in the comments below!

One thought on “Negotiating With Clients is in Your Best Interest

  1. Nice observations Ivan. You should never be afraid to negotiate, and one of the best ways to start is to ask questions like: “Why is price so important? Are there other factors like delivery or quality? Or technical specifications? What are your other suppliers providing—have you ever had any problems or issues?What does is cause at your operations when the supplier delivers poor quality or late–do you fail to meet your customer obligations or deliveries?” My experience is when prospects bring up price, many sales people immediately go for a discount rather than try and find out real objections. It’s an easier way to say “Not my fault.”

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