Misner Leadership Scholarship

Misner Leadership Scholarship

The student leadership program at Gladstone High School made a huge difference in me and the man I was to become. For that reason, Beth and I created a $1,000 Misner Leadership Scholarship that we have awarded to a student at Gladstone High School (my old alma mater). I have been giving this out for about 20 years to outstanding students in the leadership program at Gladstone High School where I graduated.

This year’s scholarship winner was incredibly deserving because of her involvement in leadership related programs at Gladstone High School.  This year’s winner, Jacquelin Sanchez, was incredibly deserving of the Misner Leadership Scholarship. The photo above is of Jacquelin and her parents from Gladstone High School’s Senior Awards Night.

The scholarship was given by the Misner Family Foundation.

2 thoughts on “Misner Leadership Scholarship

  1. Wow! Congratulations Jacquelin Sanchez on being awarded the Misner Leadership Scholarship!! It is my hope that you get to see this comment because I wish to thank you for your hard work in earning this prestigious scholarship from the Misner Family Foundation. You have been a leader in our community and you will no doubt carry that forward. Many Blessings, Mark & Joann Seery

  2. Thank you so much Mark and Joann! This scholarship was an honor to receive, and I hope to be able to give back one day as well. – Jacquelin Sanchez

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