The Misner Leadership Scholarship 2020

The student leadership program at Gladstone High School (my old alma mater) in Azusa, California, made a huge difference in the man I was to become. As a result of the experience I had at Gladstone, I wanted to give back to deserving students who also had a positive experience in leadership roles at GHS. For that reason, Beth and I created the Misner Leadership Scholarship which awards $2,000 towards college to a student engaged in leadership activities at GHS every year. I have been giving this out for 21 years to outstanding students in the leadership program at Gladstone.

The 2020 Misner Leadership Scholarship winner is Jenna Valdez.

Miss Valdez was incredibly deserving because of her involvement in leadership related programs at Gladstone High School. We were impressed with Jenna’s commitment and her involvement in various leadership roles at Gladstone High. Jenna was the Senior President for her class. Plus, she was the Student Board Member for her school with the Azusa Unified School District Board of Education. Jenna’s photo above is from Miss Valdez’s speech as Senior President during the Gladstone High School’s virtual graduation ceremony. You can watch her speech here. Congratulations Jenna Valdez and the entire Gladstone High School Class of 2020.

While colleges may casually consider “leadership” as part of their scholarship criteria for applicants, we believe that it doesn’t receive the emphasis it deserves. The leadership experience I received while at Gladstone changed the direction of my life. It was an integral part in helping to shape the person that I would become as an adult. It laid the foundation for many of the choices I made in college and throughout my professional career. You might find this personal story about my experience with leadership roles at GHS to be of interest.

The scholarship was given by the Misner Family Foundation.

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