Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

My previous blog this week was about the 2020 Misner Leadership Scholarship winner, Jenna Valdez. My wife and I have been issuing these scholarships since 1999 to worthy students at Gladstone who have been actively engaged in leadership during their tenure at the school. When we issue the scholarship each year, we ask the recipient to help young people when they are an adult. We ask that they continue to be a leader by contributing to others in the future and to make a difference in someone’s life.

The leadership experience I received while at Gladstone changed the direction of my life. It was an integral part in helping to shape the person that I would become as an adult. It laid the foundation for many of the choices I made in college and throughout my professional career. There were individuals in my life who made a difference in my life. In this five-minute video, I tell the story of how one of these people really made a positive impact on my life. Back in high school, he helped to shape me into who I am today. He believed in me and gave me a chance when it seemed that no one else would. I learned from him to take time every day to make a difference in someone’s life.

Who made a difference in your life?

It is important to recognize the people who have made a difference in our lives. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge and understand how they positively impacted us. It can help us to gain clarity about ourselves as individuals about our personal values and ambitions. There probably is someone you can immediately call to mind who has impacted you and really made a difference in your life. Whether it happened recently or during your formative years, they made a difference in your life. Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was.”  Therefore, I firmly believe that our teachers, educators, and mentors play a huge part in helping us to get from where we began to where we want to go.

Please share your story below about a person you are grateful to. Let us know how they positively influenced your life and made a difference in your life. I would love to read your story about someone who impacted you in a way that helped you get where you are today.

7 thoughts on “Make a Difference in Someone’s Life

  1. You would not be reading this if it was not for a very special man in my life, Dr. Ivan Misner. You made a difference in my life TWICE!

    The first time was 15 years ago when I was invited by Kat Jackson to attend a BNI chapter meeting as her guest. I learned about you then Dr. Misner and joined the organization which you founded. This made a difference in my life with the creation of me on my path towards being a social media coordinator.

    The second time was 5 years ago when I received a phone call directly from you, Dr. Ivan Misner, asking if I was interested in assisting YOU with your social media campaign. I learned so much more about online marketing, improved my writing skills, and have traveled the world with you.

    Now, I not only coordinate your social media, but I also assist with the online marketing of these blogs and your PowerPoint presentations. Finally, I am now using the social media skills that you have taught me worldwide to support the growth of BNI as the Global Communication Coordinator supporting ALL the social media pages for BNI Nations, Regions, and Chapters around the world. You, Dr. Misner, have taught me to take my business from my own garage to global.

    You have made a difference in my life! Thank you.

  2. Dear Dr. Misner,
    May I share just a small amount with you?
    My husband and I were “Flowers by Meda” for 50 years here in Cincinnati, OH. He went home to be with the Lord 12/11/11 and at my age, I gave up the floral business. Having nothing now to sell I asked Geof Scanlon if I might be able to perhaps sub for the members in the Chapter, just to remain part of the “Family”. I was closer to Brennan than to my very own grandson. Don’t quote this, but you know Geof. He said “Well I still have some strings, and I know how to pull them”. Within 3 days, In my mailbox was a personal check from Geof an his wife made payable to BNI for my next year’s membership. Following that, Brennan called me aside and asked if I would be willing to serve as Ambassador for the chapter. (tears) When checking for instructions I realized that I was really an Honorary Ambassador, but I was still able to be part of the family. Now at 87 years young I am “Grandma Kidd” and still blessed to be part of a Precious family.
    Thank you for listening.

  3. I moved to the UK when i was 20yrs old from West Africa. I had a very low self esteem and therefore I always went for the menial jobs. During my time working as launderette assistant, a lovely Scottish lady in her late forties said,”Anita, you are a very smart girl. You should be working in retail store such as…..”, and she mentioned big retail names.I thought they would never employ someone like me. I took her advice and guess what I climbed the ladder in those businesses. I went from a basic cashier to a floor supervisor. I finally left the retail industry and went into education and the list goes on but those words Eileen spoke to me has stayed with me and helped me to keep trying new challenges. Now I am business owner and a Property investor etc… I thank God for Eileen.
    Many thanks for this opportunity.

  4. My father is a networker, he always introduce me to people who can teach me, teach me how to sale, how to help people and dont expect any favor back. My dad has been my greatest influence

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