Credibility Is Crucial, But How Do You Build It?

It’s amazing what a word-of-mouth campaign can do for your business.  People rely on recommendations from trusted sources much more than they do from mere advertisements.  The best thing is, the costs associated with running a successful word-of-mouth campaign are usually a fraction of what a traditional advertising campaign can run!

However, as the saying goes, “there is no free lunch.”  What you save in dollars spent, you must replace with time and effort.  Simply saying to yourself that you are going to market via word of mouth does not guarantee immediate success.

I consistently tell people interested in networking that two of the most crucial things they need to do in order to achieve results from their networking efforts are to plan and execute a schedule of networking events and activities that will put them in front of people and they will also need to begin building their credibility.

So how do you begin building your credibility? There can be a variety of ways to do this depending on whom you are trying to build credibility with, however, in my experience, one of the absolute most important ways to build credibility is to always, always, always hold yourself to the highest ethical standards. Be fair in your pricing, make sure the work you are hired to do is provided with the highest standards in quality; and certainly never over-promise and under-deliver.

What are some of the best ways you have found to build credibility with others when networking?  Do you have a story about a way you built credibility with someone that was particularly effective?  If so, l’d love to hear it—please leave a comment in the comments section!

10 thoughts on “Credibility Is Crucial, But How Do You Build It?

  1. When networking listen for opportunities where you can help with a project. It might be for a non-profit organization or something your new friend might need help with that you can do. Then execute the job in a professional and timely manner. People appreciate it and you build your credibility with the group.

  2. I agree Ari – listening is the most important too – so many people talk too too much and don’t listen to what the client/prospect is saying.People respect listening too!

  3. I’ve learned that networking is the process of discovering how we can help others solve problems. Approach every networking event with the sole purpose of helping someone solve a problem. ‘Who and what’ are ‘great unknowns’ at the beginning of the event and add to the fun and excitement of the discovery process. Asking the right questions and as Ari Larsen wrote, listening for opportunities, will inevitably drive the outcome. With this mental approach to networking, as always, what is in one’s mind is revealed to others in words and actions. Credibility piles on when others learn of your willingness to help, expecting nothing in return. Caution: “Hey Joe! How can I help you?” is the wrong question! Joe has no earthly idea what you’re capable of!

    After small talk, I like to ask, “What is the biggest challenge you’re facing?” After stepping back and giving me a “look”, one business-woman replied, “Money.” I immediately asked what her second biggest challenge was. “My roof leaks around my chimney.” she replied. After a few more qualifying questions, I asked if she’d like a referral to a handyman, handed her his card and asked if she’d like me to have him call her. She agreed, thanked me for the referral, and shortly our conversation turned back to money. The best solution I could offer for her money shortage was to invite her to visit the best word-of-mouth organization in the world to learn how to grow her business by referral. “Bring a stack of business cards, you’ll be asked for them, and be prepared to talk about your business for 60 seconds!”

    What’s YOUR biggest challenge?

  4. To be credible you must look at yourself in the following 3 areas:
    1- As an individual
    2- In relation to your profession
    3- As part of your networking group
    Notice how you come across in all of these areas. Is there one are that you could benefit spending more time developing? Coaching provides the opportunity to further explore this area of self development.

  5. I organized a fund raiser for a fellow BNI member that was facing some serious health issues with his newborn twins. I found that helping someone without expecting anything in return catapulted me from visibility to credibility almost overnight with the members of my chapter and even the Director consultants!

  6. Credibilty goes a long way. I am a wedding photographer. My credibility is my brand, ottograph, my future. If I lose credibility with one clients, statistics have shown they will tell 9 other people never to use ottograph.Client that find my photography credibil intend to do business with me agian in the future.

  7. (sorry for my spelling, take 2) Credibility goes a long way. I am a professional wedding photographer. My credibility is my brand, , my future. If I lose credibility with one client, statistics have shown they will tell 9 other people never to make use of my services. Client that find my photography credible intend to do business with me again in the future.

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