What Do Most Successful People Have in Common?

What’s the one thing the majority of successful people have in common?

In this video, UAE networking expert Bijay Shah and I discuss how a positive attitude is one thing that you’ll find in almost any successful person anywhere.  More importantly, we explain how YOU can stay positive and headed toward success, despite challenging situations in both your business life and personal life.

After watching the video, I invite you to leave your feedback in the comments section–what do you think of our strategies for staying positive?  Have you personally used any of these strategies already?  If so, how effective was the strategy you used in helping you maintain a positive attitude in the face of the challenge(s) you were facing?

8 thoughts on “What Do Most Successful People Have in Common?

  1. SMILING! One of the things people always say to me whenever I am at a networking event is how easy it was to approach me. Smiling is a fantastic non-verbal form of communication to express positivity, confidence and enjoyment. We should all enjoy what we are doing, particularly when networking! I have developed some fantastic friendships through networking. A strategy I would recommend to everyone is to focus on smiling, even when it feels uncomfortable. Count how many people, who have frowns or stoic faces change to a smile. You will be someone that people HAVE to be around.

    Happy networking!


  2. i am experiencing the power of the support network that we have in our chapter. The positive attitude is indeed kept alive by the right kind of people around you, especially for an entrepreneur.

  3. I’ve dropped MANY people who are negative. They bring down the energy and they slow down my progress.

    If you drop these people, GOOD ONES just show up. I don’t know why this is but it just is. So I am adamant about dropping time vampires and negative people.

    Thanks for the video!

  4. Two years ago,the Kenya Chamber of Commerce selected our Company to display our products at an event amongst other traders for visibility.

    As l was explaining the benefits of using our doors and frames versus others selling in the market.l maintained eye contact and a smile throughout.One man told me how my smile and the eye contact made him happy.He then promised to call me later and place an order which he did.

    A smile draws people to one another and makes people open up and relax.

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