Keeping Up Productivity During Q2

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Image courtesy of khunaspix, of

Now that we’re into Q2, all of your 2016 goals for your business should be well underway. The downside of Q2 is that many people begin to lose their momentum around this time of the year. The weather is getting nicer, the days are getting longer, and our attention span at work is getting shorter.

One great way to maintain momentum in your business is to focus on elevating your morning routine.

The ideal morning routine starts the night before, by ensuring you are set up for success. Turn off all electronic devices at least 90 minutes before bed, and never use these devices in your bed to start with. Studies show that using these devices in bed can retrain your brain to associate your bed with being awake. These studies also show that even the smallest electronic device emits enough light to stimulate your brain and promote wakefulness.

In the morning, try to wake up earlier than you need to. Before 6 a.m. is ideal, as it gives you plenty of time to eat a full breakfast, hit the gym, and get your blood flowing and brain working before you get into the meat of your day. Set a routine, and keep that routine as often as possible. Once you are settling into work, focus on projects that you are passionate about. Stay off your email as long as possible, as this is a productivity and time suck. Focus on the important things first, and hit your email later when you have time to knock off smaller tasks. Busy work should be punted to later in the day. Your mind will thank you.

What kind of morning routine do you follow to keep productive? Tell me about it in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Keeping Up Productivity During Q2

  1. I’ve been feeling sluggish lately so I examined my current pattern and made changes. I turn off all lights and sounds before bed. I even place my devices across the room out of my reach. Instead of snoozing I use the time to fix breakfast and tiddy the home. Then I work out 30-45 minutes.
    This routine is new but has resulted in a tremendous amount of energy and positivity. I am now on fire for my day when I leave my home.

    1. Awesome Liz…Thanks for sharing it with us.I promise to incorporate at least one of the activities in my routine! Thanks a million

  2. I have checklists I put together that list the things I hope to do in a day. I can’t always get to all the things on the list but when I can’t get to a given item, I put it on the next day’s list with the intention of making sure it is done by the end of the week. Then I start a new checklist when that checklist is complete. Or I start another checklist for things I need to do that can wait until the current checklist is completed. This works well for me because I not only get distracted easily but my days are always full of distractions. I usually allow interference depending on what it is, knowing I have the checklists to refer to so I can get back on track. My checklists are always a work-in-progress as I am constantly adding to and subtracting from them. The checklists also ensure I won’t forget to do something.

    1. Awesome LRS ! Thanks for sharing your formula with us .I will surely take a leaf out of your book of wisdom.Thank you

  3. “Early to bed , early to rise,makes man healthy ,wealthy & wise”…the proverb we learnt in our childhood has dwindled away! we are glued to the TV & more often than not,even doze off without switching off the same & as Dr.Misner rightly said,our brain gets too exhausted to give us a fresh refreshing start to the day & the spark or the momentum is lost there at the very source! Thank you Dr.Misner for your valuable advice

  4. Hi Ivan
    My day starts at 4am. I am an artist and live in a visual world. I feel and believe that great thoughts bring in great expressions in attitude, work and action .
    I read in the morning with a cup if tea. I read sprutual and value based life skill books like Lotus sutra and Vedant …literature on lessons of life.
    After which I make a doodle of the inspiration and understanding that I got from the days reading.
    This keeps me positive , happy and ready to pass on the energy to all who come in contact with me in the whole day.
    I take my dog for a walk after which I start my routine. …..
    BNI Pune West. India

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