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Back in 2012 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. At that point, I was told I should get surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. I chose to go a holistic route. It has now been over nine years and I have not had to get surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

A few years ago, certain markers increased and I went to a specialized holistic treatment center for care from a medical doctor. Last week, the markers for my health condition changed again and so next week I am returning to that medical center. I feel good and I expect the same kind of results I had before. I will be going through at least two weeks of treatments. My social media team will continue to post my writings, but I will not be able to respond to any specific requests.

I’ll be back online again soon.


52 thoughts on “Personal Message

  1. You inspired me … and keep inspiring … Take Care … Your Service & Support is the need of the hour to many entrepreneurs worldwide!

  2. Dear Dr.Ivan! I want to sent to u all the heal energy. You soon get well and then travel around the world including Vietnam. I Love you, I am Sorry, Pls forgive me, thank you!

  3. Get Well Soon Dr. Ivan Misner Sir.. We will be Praying for You and waiting for You to return Back, Stronger with More Energy and Good Health. Take Care.. We will All Miss You..

  4. Dear Dr. Meisner you probably don’t remember me but I will never forget you. I am Alameda Kidd from SWONKY. As Jeff Scanlon introduced you as the speaker that night accompanied by our very own matron of
    SWONKY! Please continue to watch your menu. God is in control of every cell in your body and nothing can take you until HE says “come on home Son”
    You are loved by many .

  5. Querido Dr. Ivan, ud., dice en el apunte 711, lo que pones en tu mente se muestra en tu mundo, por eso ahora pon luz, que desde aquí nosotros enviamos luz, y todo va a salir super bien. Lo esperamos,
    cariños luminosos. Hilda

  6. Dear Ivan,
    Your are a strong person and I’m sure you will get stronger and better, feel good in the mind and I’m sure you will come back stronger.
    Don’t allow it to fight with you, rather you fight it out of your system for good this time.

    All the best please remember, you will have million praying for you.

    Love you..stay blessed.
    Bangalore, India

  7. Ivan, homem forte e ungido de Deus. Tantas batalhas já vencidas e esta será apenas mais uma a fortalece-lo. Pela minha fé eu creio que já esta curado definitivamente .

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