Are You ‘Really’ in Business?

I was speaking at a conference for small business owners last year where the following list was given to all the businesspeople in attendance. The speaker said; “If you don’t have all these things in place, you’re not really in business!”

  1. I have business cards for myself and my team.
  2. I have a distinct phone line specifically for my business.
  3. I have a registered domain.
  4. I have a current website.
  5. I have an e-mail that corresponds with my business domain.
  6. I have a dedicated office or business space (even if it is home-based).
  7. I know what my target market is.
  8. I have a contact database system in place to communicate with my prospects.

As obvious as this list seems, half the participants did not meet all the requirements. I spoke there again this year, and I’m glad to report that virtually all of the participants this time around met the above requirements (and more).

So here’s my question for you: Are you really in business?

[For those of you who are really in business, what would you add to this list, if anything?]

5 thoughts on “Are You ‘Really’ in Business?

  1. Not only should you know your target market but you should also be able to effectively communicate who your ideal customer is to others. When others can fully understand who you are looking for they will be more likely to think of you and tell others about you. Articulating properly your ideal customer will result in more quality referrals.

  2. The two other items that come to mind are “do you have a plan?” and “do you really have time?” The time is HUGE. Being a woman and interacting with thousands of other women, I often hear “I work inbetween naps and feedings and laundry and….” This always puzzles me and leads me to wonder “are they really in business?” I’m loving your posts here. Thanks 🙂

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