You’ve Got to Know Your Audience!

One evening back in 2014, I was having some wine with a friend who had recently attended a private jet show in Geneva, Switzerland (which sounded like lots of fun!). He was talking about what a great job one of the exclusive, high-end private jet companies had done to wow their potential customers.

He said that they gave a new iPad to each invited guest onto which they had loaded all the specs for their various jets. This included apps that let the prospects choose the plane that they were interested in and then create a custom interior from all their choices – woods, carpeting, leathers, etc.… They could see what their new plane would look like right there on the spot. It was brilliant!

Everyone seemed extremely impressed with this high-tech marketing tool, until it was handed to someone my friend recognized immediately – Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft. What did he say? Something like, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

The team at the jet company had failed to think about how the Founder of Microsoft would react to being handed an Apple product to use in the process of a potential sale. You may think, it’s a small detail. However, it is a big reminder that you really have to know your audience. A seemingly small detail to you, could end up being huge to your potential customer, and it could make or break the deal!

To get the best results from your marketing and networking efforts, you must consider who you are talking to and make sure the information you are going to share is appropriate for the people in the room.

Have you seen a situation where someone didn’t think about their audience and missed an opportunity? If so, please leave a reply and tell me about it. Thanks!

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