What to Do When You’re Not Motivated–Top 5 Tips

Someone once said to me, “Man, judging from the amount of things you accomplish, you must be motivated all the time.”

Uhh, no . . . that’s hardly the case!  It’s nearly impossible to feel motivated ALL the time yet sometimes it can feel like we’re in a real doldrums slump.  So what can we do when that happens?  In this video, I outline my top 5 tips for getting inspired when you’re lacking motivation.

From advice on how to prioritize to examples of what to surround yourself with and what to avoid, you’re sure to glean some powerful insight that will help you get back on the road to productivity and success in no time!

After watching the video, I’d love to hear your personal tactics for pull yourself out of an unproductive rut and taking steps to start accomplishing great things.  Please share your thoughts, stories, and feedback in the comment forum below–thanks!

9 thoughts on “What to Do When You’re Not Motivated–Top 5 Tips

  1. I often find that when I am down in the dumps, my appearance follows suit. So getting a little exercise, eating better, and dressing up, even on days when I don’t have important meetings, can actually lift me into a better place pretty quickly. Thanks, Dr. Misner!

  2. Motivation is short term vs Inspiration and Passion is long term.

    Motivation is important for one to stay on top of his or her game from moment to moment.

    I follow similar path to Dr. Ivan. One of them is staying away from negative energy or negative vibration by the average and unprofessional people.

    I love this video. I am going to share it with BNI Cambodia Facebook groups in a second.

  3. When I’m feeling low and not motivated, I go play the piano for a while. Getting my mind unhooked from “what’s wrong” and concentrating on making beautiful music helps me relax and get back into a productive frame of mind. A half hour or so of some good classical pieces sets my mind at ease.

  4. Dear Guru, thank you for sharing the wonderful tips. You seem to have become thin. Take care of yourself.

    I do practice avoiding negative people. Reading good books, listening to useful podcasts and videos like this motivates me a lot!

  5. Dr I, I love simplicity and the tips are simply that. I share your view of the impact of negative people, you can start to feel heart sink and the motivation is drawn from you. One of the great ways I try to keep motivate or get myself into a motivated state is to pre-program my response when negative thoughts begin to drift in. I always try and look for the positive. Its not necessarily being positive all the time its knowing how you react to the negative and in essence get motivated.

  6. I get up every morning and take the first 30-45 minutes of each day to better my craft. Mostly I read books and learn from the utmost experts in related fields to mine. What that does is amazing! It keeps me focussed on my mission and priorities. I’m always better than the previous time and bad days just seem to happen so much less!

  7. Love this… To stay motivated I stay connected to my vision and purpose which reminds me that what I am up to is WAY BIGGER than me. That tends to inspire me to get back to it!!!

  8. Talk a walk or do something outside in fresh air, walk, prioritize your lists. Watch an Misner video!
    KISS principle always applies! Plan your list, work your plan…break down in small steps and ALWAYS keep with positive-like-minded people!
    Thank You!

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