You Never Know Who’ll Give You a Great Referral

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in networking is to dismiss someone too early, to assume that he or she has nothing to offer you because of his or her professional background or some other reason, and not pursue the relationship.  Unfortunately, I see this happen a lot.

The truth is, you simply never know where your next great referral is going to come from.  You should make it a point to consistently connect with high-quality professionals from all fields, from any and every background. Forget about trying to contact the VPs and high-level executives–they don’t want to hear another sales pitch. But any professional who is good at what he or she does will be well-connected to other highly successful businesspeople.

Take my painting contractor, for example. Through his work he has come to know A-list Hollywood celebrities, among many other affluent people. He’s one of the most connected people I know.

I have a favorite story, which I think illustrates this point perfectly.  In this case, a multimillion-dollar referral (one of the biggest I’ve seen recently) was given by a dentist in Malaysia. She briefly shut down her practice to attend a networking conference. When she reopened, one of her clients asked her about the conference and, as a result, she was able to connect the client with someone she’d met at the conference–which led to the the multimillion dollar referral.

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3 thoughts on “You Never Know Who’ll Give You a Great Referral

  1. Hi, my Name is Alf and I run a company called

    My product is all about getting Referrals and I wanted to make a comment on the above referenced story about the lady / dentist that made a multimillion-dollar referral in Malaysia.

    My comment / Question is the following:
    Do you / or any reading this post have any suggestions for creative ways of not only tracking such a referral, but most importantly making sure you get a finders fee in such incidences?

    I welcome any and all to Chime in here as I have some experience in setting up JV’s (Joint Ventures) and I would like to brainstorm some ideas around “healthy / natural” ways of getting referral / finders fees as well as ongoing JV residual income by helping someone get more business.

    Alf Marcussen
    Founder / Inventor

  2. Dear Dr. Misner,

    I have been a home improvement contractor in my community for many years and have worked for many influential people and others connected to the same.

    I can weave a thread from just about any professional back to my target market and therefore will invest the time in a one2one. It still takes two to tango and upon occassion the other may elect not to invest the time in relationship building to the point of profitability. Lots more fish where they came from.

    Every sparrow knows an eagle.

    Great point Dr. Misner and so important to re-emphasize.

    High Regards,
    Tom Doiron

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