You Are What You Attract–Attitude and Networking

Last month, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Frederick Marcoux, one of Australia’s foremost experts on building business through referral marketing.

I have known Frederick for years and one of the things I’ve always admired about him is that he has always exuded a remarkably positive attitude, regardless of any given circumstance or challenging situation that may arise.  I was mentioning this to Frederick and he smiled (of course–what else would you expect from an endlessly positive person?) and explained his belief in the concept that “you are what you attract.”

In this video, Frederick and I discuss how your attitude, whether it be positive or negative, can have a very real impact on the results you get from your networking efforts.

After watching this short video, please leave a comment–what have you experienced in regard to the impact attitude has on networking? 

8 thoughts on “You Are What You Attract–Attitude and Networking

  1. Optimism is contagious. From personal experience I can tell you Frederick is one of the most positive people you’ll ever meet. So is Ivan. Try positivity. Give without expectation and receive with gratitude and you’ll soon notice a great difference in your life.

  2. Well said. I look at some of the networking like a mirror, a positive attitude elicits more positive attitudes and responses from those around you. Plus, from our Chapter meetings, the most successful members are those that give of themselves to the other members – that successful attitude (in the long run) brings about more success(es) and like someone else already said – it’s infectious.

  3. My parents always told us that “we would be labelled by the company we keep”….amazing isn’t it, how right parents can often be?

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