Year End Reflections and Goals for the New Year

For many cultures around the world, today marks the dawning of the new year.  Here in the United States, most people were up at midnight, full of energy, excitedly celebrating the clock striking 12:00 a.m.–the start of 2015 and, more importantly, the chance for people to start fresh and move forward in business and life in bigger and better ways.  So, what was I doing to celebrate the new year? . . . I was giving thanks for the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful view from my lake house in Big Bear, CA  (pictured below) and it moved me to record this video about year-end reflections and new-year goal setting.

The Current View from My House in Big Bear, CA

The Current View from My House in Big Bear, CA

The thing is, the only reason I’m able to sit here enjoying the life I’ve created is that I continue to reflect on the goings on of each passing year and strategically set new goals to accomplish bigger and better things with each coming year. New Year’s Day is the perfect time for all of us to sit down, take stock of the good, the bad, and the ugly from the past year and forge ahead in the new year with a fresh set of goals and a specific plan to achieve those goals.

In this video, I talk about how I go about setting goals each new year and I share the template (shown below) I use for outlining my goals on paper.  I share my main goals for business and life in 2015 and I would really love to hear your goals for the new year as well so please share your goals in the comment forum below.  Thanks and Happy New Year!!


8 thoughts on “Year End Reflections and Goals for the New Year

  1. Thanks for sharing your document! It will come in handy for my planning session next week with my ED, Sandy Donovan. Happy New Year!

  2. I am doing the reflection of my 2014 achievements and preparing for an Awesome year 2015…. and I will lead my team for a whole day “You 2.0 Program – Transforming Your Mind and Soul to Achieve Your Goals in 2015”

  3. Thanks for taking time to think about BNI 30 years ago, Ivan! It profoundly changed our lives when we became part of it in 1999. It is fun to watch you walk the path toward spending more time with Beth and family. Being a few years ahead of you, we can assure you that is time you will be glad to have instead of working so much. We have spent the last year resting from many years of work. We continue to enjoy mentoring BNI leaders and will probably always do that. Our best to you as you begin the next chapter of leadership in your life. Happy New Year 2015.

  4. First off… Congratulations on 30 Years !! That really is an amazing achievement. I first joined BNI in Issaquah in 1992, and have nothing but sincere respect for the amazing business you have built.

    Second… I am in that same reflective state of mind that you were speaking of. I have started a new business, and it is not really going the way I had originally planned. So I am putting in some serious time, thinking about the future I would like to create. I do not have any “New Year’s Resolutions”, but rather 3 areas that I am focusing my energies on this year. They are Fitness, Fortune and Fun.

    Thank you for sharing your videos with us. I sincerely appreciate them.

  5. Thank-you for the important video.
    I’m a Japanese restaurant owner in Japan.
    And my goal is to have many many guest from abroad.
    We have exciting plans to try-on Japanese culture for gourmets.

    Through this, I hope everyone will love Japan.

  6. Right now, I`m sitting in my office, planing for the next years and Action plan for 2015, for my BNI Business and my family. Were and what am I at the end of 2015. Just a little braek and one look at facebook and I saw Ivan`s video. Perfect timing, thank you Ivan for this!!

  7. Hi Ivan
    Love your style and thanks for sharing.
    I have just been invited to be a BNI Ambassador in Western Australia (very excited). I have also been invited and accepted the position of Assistant District Governor for my Rotary.
    This year for me is all about having great mentors and surrounding myself with a wonderful team of people who will challenge, educate and inspire me, and give me feed back so that I can grow quickly.
    I am choosing you as one of my “distance” mentors. I will read and share everything you post. I am registered for your Author Mentoring webinar next week AND I am excited about my new branding – The Business Energiser.
    Thank you for BNI – a brilliant organisation

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