Women Are the New Men


I was recently interviewed by Bill Moller on the “First Business” news show about men and women in business. 

The host said that “women are the new men.”  It’s an odd statement, I know, but I promise that if you take a mere three minutes out of your day to watch this video clip of the interview, you’ll understand what he means by this and you might not think it’s such an odd statement after all.

I came to the conclusions I talk about in this interview based on many recent statistics and findings by esteemed business publications and I think it’s a really interesting and noteworthy topic.  What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree? Disagree? . . . I’d love to hear your input so, by all means, please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

12 thoughts on “Women Are the New Men

  1. How very true! Just look around and you find a lot more women in key positions in large organisations, mostly in customer facing and HR related functions. they are now found running the organisations as they are better at HRM, better at managing relationships and having higher EQ than most men.

  2. I disagree. I think it is an insult to women to say they are the new men. Women are women and men are men. Women do things in a female way and men in a masculine way. The psychology is as different as the physiology. What has changed is that in the changing world women are now able to achieve more and still take a different approach to do it. I fear for such generalisations because there will always be the exception to the rule and problems can be caused when someone finds that they do not meet that generalisation.

    1. Michael, re-listen to the video. I didn’t actually say that women are the new men – the host did. I talked about the fact that men and women need to bridge the gender gap. Sometimes topic titles are done by the media to get people’s attention. Listen to the content – it’s different than the opening by the host.

      1. Ok Ivan. You didn’t actually say those words but the presenter said that “Women are the new men” is what is spelt out in the book which you co authored and at the beginning of the interview the presenter said to you that you had seen how women are the new men to which you said “it’s very true…” To be fair you said nothing to imply you thought any different. Maybe I just misinterpreted your intentions.

  3. Great video! Networking sometimes has the image of stuffy “old boys” clubs, but it’s refreshing that BNI groups are well attended by women. Our group is about 50/50. Mixed groups tend to be much more dynamic I believe.

  4. Is there another copy anywhere online please? It seems this one has been removed by the user. I tried doing a YouTube search but there are too many videos with the same title or similar.

    1. Sorry everyone. There are technical difficulties with the video from the TV station. We will have this fixed ASAP.

  5. Thank you Michael, I do get tired of being compared to a man. I think that women will accomplish all they need to without following the same old same old that men have been doing for centuries. As the statistics show, soon men will be trying to be the new women.

    1. I doubt that soon men will be trying to be the new women. after all real men don’t want to be feminized.
      What we aught to do is revisit the educational system and make it as boy friendly as it is girl friendly so the system is gender neutral. Once there is an equal playing field in education boys will catch up and the gender gap in education will be closed.

      The reason girls have made a lot of gain lately is because of all the focusing on women that has been going on which has resulted in momentum being placed under women enabling women to surge ahead.If we are not careful and don’t close the gender gap in education girls will out compete for best paying jobs and women will no longer find males attractive for women are not attracted to weak men. Already the marriage rate is free fall.If women get ahead of males in leadership they seek to get revenge and subjugate males for they think they are superior to the male.
      Its time to stop focusing on women and give some attention to males for it is males that are falling behind.

      Either close the gender gap in education or something wicked this way comes.

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