Why Send a Thank-You Card?

A simple thank-you card may not sound like much in the big picture of doing business. The old-fashioned, personalized, handwritten thank-you card has been largely replaced by email or text message. Or… expressing gratitude doesn’t happen at all.

Although email is one of the easiest forms of communication, it can also be the least effective. Emails are quickly dismissed because they take such little effort, and we receive so many of them. The same with texts. Unless your message is personal and tailored to the recipient, it will probably be passed by – unseen and unread.

When was the last time you received a traditional, handwritten thank-you card in the post or mail? What was your reaction? How did you feel reading the words that someone took the time to write especially for you?  Most of us are pleasantly surprised and appreciative of the sender’s time and effort. The card may be displayed on our desk or table for a few days or weeks, to be revisited and enjoyed over and over.

Thank People

Expressing gratitude to business associates, customers, and clients is an important building block in the cultivation of relationships – relationships that can lead to referrals. People like to refer others to business professionals that go above and beyond. Taking the opportunity to thank people helps us stand out from the crowd.

Perhaps you think you don’t have time to write a thank-you card. Well, think again. How many times have you found yourself riding the train to work, sitting in the car with your children waiting for the school bus, eating lunch alone, in the waiting room in a medical office, or at a stand-still in a 10-mile-long traffic jam?

All of those are valuable moments of available time that can be used to strengthen a business or networking relationship with a personal touch by writing a thank-you card to someone who gave you a referral, made an in-person introduction, helped with an event, or solved a problem for you.
(Important reminder: Do NOT include your business card, because the minute you include your business card, it becomes about you and not about thanking the other person.)

Be Intentional

Be intentional about gratitude. Schedule time each week (yes, in your work calendar) for writing and sending thank you cards. Keep some blank cards and postage stamps in your car and in your briefcase or purse. Then, when you do find those few minutes of underutilized time, you’ll have a card ready to write on and deposit into the next mailbox you see.

I realize that some people won’t do a handwritten card no matter what I say. I suggest you check into available services, such as SendOutCards.com in the U.S., that allow you to send a card through the mail that “looks” handwritten but is done from your computer.

The point is, when you appreciate someone’s time and effort, don’t just think about it, take action and thank them! It’s never too late to share gratitude when it is sincere.

Gratitude builds stronger connections. Sending a personal thank-you card doesn’t take much time and costs very little. However, it makes a difference in the people around you, and in yourself. A handwritten card can make a significant impact in the big business picture.

I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts about thank-you cards. Please leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “Why Send a Thank-You Card?

    1. I love this message from Dr. Misner. If you have read any of this books he makes reference to the SendOutCards system as a great way to send out that tangible touch cards. In fact SendOutCards is one of the Alliance Partners with BNI because our missions are very similar with Giver’s Gain being front and foremost. I am an affiliate with this company and if you want to take a look and see how we can elevate your gratitude sending, please reach out for a one to one. I’m in Pennsylvania and would love to connect.

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