‘Why People Resist Networking’ Series: Part IV–Lack of Understanding

In this fourth and final installment of the “Why People Resist Networking” Video Series, I discuss a fourth reason why people likely shy away from networking–Lack of Understanding.

Unfortunately, many people simply don’t understand what networking is and, in addition, they don’t understand the benefits of networking. In this video, I put some common misconceptions to rest about what networking is and I explain why, no matter what business you’re in, it’s best to “take off your bib and put on your apron” if you want networking to work for you.

After watching the video, please leave your feedback, thoughts, and/or comments in the comment forum below.  I would love to hear your feedback on the ideas in the video, as well as any additional ideas you may have about why people may resist networking.  Also, if you haven’t watched Part I, Part II, and Part III of the Series, be sure to check them out. Thanks!

One thought on “‘Why People Resist Networking’ Series: Part IV–Lack of Understanding

  1. Thank you! I heard you speak the other night during WBOWS and learned so much stuff. I have had experience with BNI YEARS ago…more than 10 years ago and it wasn’t the best experience, but after listening to you speak my thought process is changing. Once again thank you for sharing your time, talent and experience.

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