Who’s the Best Networker You Know?

 Today, I’d like to ask you a very straightforward question: “Who’s the best networker you know, and why?”

In this video, I talk about the best networker I personally know and, interestingly enough, she comes from the world of academia–not the world of business. She is the president of an esteemed university and she is, without a doubt, an incredible networker!  So, what makes her the most standout networker I know?  I’m glad you asked . . . 😉

There are some very specific qualities she possesses which set her networking capabilities and effectiveness far above most people:

  • She knows how to establish common ground with absolutely anyone
  • Once she establishes common ground, she asks authentic, relevant questions
  • She’s extremely focused and always gives her undivided attention to individuals with whom she’s conversing
  • She genuinely cares about and listens to the information others offer and the answers they provide
  • She makes a point to remember what people say and to bring up things they said the next time she sees them

After watching the video, think about who you consider to be the best networker you personally know. Once you decide who that person is, please share with us in the comment forum below what it is about them that makes them such a great networker. I’m really looking forward to hearing your thoughts, so thanks in advance for participating!

6 thoughts on “Who’s the Best Networker You Know?

  1. Helen Hebert is probably thw best networker that I can think of. She is always ready to strike up a conversation with whoever she happens to say hi to.

    Helen always listens and absorbs these conversations as if they become a part of her. You can’t help but become friends with someone like that. She remembers you. And just as important, you remember her. Isn’t that what networking is all about?

    Helen Hebert is a independent travel agent with Cruise Planners and is in the True North Networkers chapter of BNI in North Olmsted, Ohio.

    Submitted by Kimberly Taylor
    Catering by KimBrûlée
    BNI- True North Networkers

  2. I would have to say our Catholic Bishop (Richard Stika) of Knoxville TN, his area covers all of East TN.
    He, like your college president, can remember people and needs mentioned to
    him MONTHS ago. He is a very humble and funny man, guess it kind of goes with the office.

  3. The best networker I know is my friend Ms. Geeta Punjabi. She always listens to people and is ready to help with peoples difficulties immediately. Also follows them upto a stage until they would be on their own.
    Always smiling, energetic and supportive

  4. The best networker I know is Jenny Cross who is a member of the Hydra Chapter in Leicester, England. She is always engaging with people & is brilliant at bringing visitors to the Chapter, she has only been a member since January & gets the BNI philosophy Givers Gain.

  5. A shining example of a great networker is Mary Johnson with the Together We Grow Chapter in Rockford, IL. Mary’s reputation as a great networker precedes her relationship with BNI and she demonstrates her intent to maintain that standard through the exceptional manner in which she supports the members of her chapter and BNI.

    Mary embodies every quality on Dr. Misner’s list and a few more:
    – Her personal drive motivates people to reach for the stars, to become pro-active in supporting networking events, and to actively give back to the community through involvement with non-profit organizations.
    – Mary brings the same integrity, honesty, fairness, and order to the chapter that she displays with her clients.
    – She is an organizer and socializer, which has led to some terrific events in our area – social, educational, speed-networking and more.

    There is something that we can’t see, but can feel when we are around a master networker. They radiate a positive energy that attracts like a magnet.

  6. The best non-business networker that I know is Rev. Tim Copeland, pastor of the First Pentecostal Church in Buford, GA. Regardless of a person’s socioeconomic status, nationality or language, he makes every person feel special. He is known throughout much of the world. He has mentored many preachers and the main character in The Networking Guru is named after him.

    The best business networker that I know is Jamie Harrelson from the Kernersville, NC area. She really understanding the art of networking. In the business networking world if we gave out an Oscar, Academy or Grammy award, she would win it hands down. She passes 25-35 referrals every single month. Last year alone she was responsible for closed business of approximately 2.3 million dollars. Even though The Networking Guru is written in a fictive vein, Jamie is a real person named in the book. She is incredible.

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