Who's In Your Room

Who’s in Your Room?

I’m really excited about the upcoming release of my latest book, “Who’s in Your Room?” in December. It is my 23rd book and I believe it will have the biggest impact on people’s lives than any other book I’ve done. This is the public version of the book and is vastly different than the BNI version.

What if you had to live your life in one room?  Whoever you want to interact with in life is in that room.  There is only one door.  It is a one-way door.  Whoever is in your room, stays in your room forever.  Whoever comes into your room impacts your life directly in many ways.  If you knew that this person would be in your room forever, would you have let that person in your room?

We design the room we live in, along with the people who are in it.  We can do that consciously, or we can do that by happenchance.  The choice is ours.  Understanding this idea now, who are we going to let in our room from this point on?

What do you think about the concept of “Who’s in Your Room?”  Knowing this concept now – what would you do differently in the future?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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10 thoughts on “Who’s in Your Room?

  1. Wow, CONGRATULATIONS on your 23rd book, Ivan!! This one sounds amazing. I love the concept of the room and who we consciously allow in it to influence our lives. Can’t wait to read this and tell my audience about it. 🙂

  2. Didn’t know you could read minds too, Ivan. LOL. I have a person in my room that mostly stays in the corner. He comes to the center of my room and just sits there every time I hear his name. Whenever I meet someone with the same name here he comes again in my thoughts. Let’s just say the thoughts are never very good. I just sent a referral to our chapter handyman to cut a back door in my room so I can get out. Looking forward to reading your book. It just may save me from letting anyone else in like the one that’s there now.

    1. We have an answer for a person like this in the book. Look on page 54 about the lesson my mother taught me when I was young.

  3. Dear Ivan! I read about your book in a magazine in Brazil (Revista Empresarios). I really enjoyed your article. I look forward to reading it. Congratulations!

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