Who Made a Difference in Your Life?

Last week, I posted a video of me accepting an award at Citrus College (click here to view that video and the accompanying blog post), a community college in Southern California,  and in the video I mention that one of the best professors I ever had throughout my ten-year college education was one of my professors at Citrus College.

In the video above, I talk about this particular professor, Dr. Shirey, and I explain why and how he impacted my life in a positive way.

I think it’s really important to recognize the people who have made a difference in our lives and acknowledge and understand what it is that they did (or do) that has positively impacted us because it can sometimes help us gain clarity about ourselves as individuals when it comes to the focus of our values and ambitions.

Robert Louis Stevenson said, “Everyone who got where he is has had to begin where he was.”  I firmly believe that the teachers, educators, mentors, and other stand-out people who make a difference in our lives play a huge part in helping us to get from where we began to where we want to go and if there is someone who impacted you in a way that helped you get where you are today, share your story/stories in the comments section and give a shout out to those who’ve helped you!

7 thoughts on “Who Made a Difference in Your Life?

  1. My high school football coach, (Coach Quinn), made the biggest impact on my life. He always verbalized confidence in me. The life lesson that he taught me was that you could always come back, whether it was a football game or in life. An example of this was a football game that we were losing 13 to 0. He sent a play in to throw a pass to me. I scored a 40-yard touchdown. On the kickoff the other team ran down the field but fumbled the ball. I went back into the game, and the coach sent in the same exact play. I ran for a 60-yard touchdown. For the first time since I was a baby, I cried. However, it was a joyfull pain feeling on what I had acomplished, as well as understanting that we could make a comeback. Fortunately, I was able to see Coach Quinn before he passed. I was taking some training in Tempe, AZ where he retired. I went to see him and told him that he was responsible for many of the successes in my life, particularly those from which I bounced back from low points. I cried and felt the same joyful pain that I had at the end of the game described above. I then gave him a big hug!

  2. Hi Ivan, hope you & the family are all well

    Easy choice… Colin Temblett-Wood, my English literature teacher at Ardingly College,England.

    My friend from our days at Ardingly – Ian Hislop, (the editor of Private Eye, a satirical UK weekly), in Colin’s obituary described him as a “latter day Mr Chips, without who’s influence he would not have chosen the career that he did”.

    In my role as Stage Manager at my school I had the privilege to work very closely with Colin on 6 or 7 plays over a 4 year period – it was magical to watch timid new 12 year old actors being slowly transformed, through Colin’s careful nurturing, into happy and convincing performers; some went on to a career on stage, TV or film. His productions were a visual treat for all who saw them.

    Two of his pupils are now best selling authors.

    Quite a legacy

    For me, Colin opened a door to modern literature that refuses to close. He was inspirational, extremely enthusiastic, open and funny.

    He is sadly missed by all those who’s lives were enriched by his presence.

  3. While I could easily recall numerous people that have made major impact sthroughout my life (including a certain business networking referral company founder), I would have to admit (as cliche as it sounds) that the primary reason for my continued happiness and success started with my family.

    Their eternal positive attitude was passed down to me and created a filter in which I view the world and each decision and action with optimism and hope. This constant stream of hope has function to attract like minded successful happy giving people and in turn has left me with no regrets and boundless peace

  4. Hands down the biggest player in my life and my success: my father. His determination and “don’t give up” attitude have helped propel me in my own pursuits. He passed in Dec. of 2009, but his smile, advice and wry sense of humor are very much missed. I hope I can teach what he taught me to others.

  5. I would have to say my biggest inspiration would have to be my closest friends and family. They are the people for whom I wanted to succeed. I wanted to give them all the things they would never have, and it served as a reason to continue onward regardless of the setbacks. They still drive me today.

  6. God make a difference in my life. When I started to feel how our almighty God love me. The person who push me to make a difference in life is me and of course my friends who influence me.

  7. Although my Father taught me many valuable lesson it was my Mom who influenced me the most. Her simple mantra was “everything will work out” and in the long run it always does. Her Father, my beloved Bawpa, had one better, “Just do like the Hen do, do all you kin do.” In the end my family has always loved me unconditionally, which in turn has put my heart in the right place. I treat every interation whether business or personal from a right attitude and heart.

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