While Quantity is Important, Quality is King in Networking

The more people you meet at an event, the more successful your networking efforts are–and that’s simply not the case.  Instead, the quality of the connections you form is much more significant than the quantity of connections you make.

Networking is not a numbers game.  It’s more like a people puzzle.  It’s about building relationships with the close people in your network.  That means that it’s about finding ways to interconnect the relationships you have to build a powerful personal network.  In order to do that – you actually have to have a fair number of quality relationships in that sea of contacts.

If your network is a mile wide and an inch deep, it will never be successful.

Instead, your network needs to be both wide and – in places, deep.  That is, you need to have a wide set of contacts but some of those need to be connections that go deep.  Therefore, the quality of your network is just as important, if not more important than the quantity of your network.  This doesn’t mean that quantity isn’t important.  It is important.  The thing is that a small network of quality people limits your success.  However, a large network with multiple quality relationships makes for a much more powerful, personal network.

It is a little like your left hand and your right hand.  Both are really important. But one is generally stronger, more powerful, and generally used more than the other. You can’t accomplish what you want as easily without both.  However, one is the stronger hand.  This is similar to the quantity vs. quality argument in networking.

Click here to listen to a personal story about this comparison

I believe that it is NOT, what you know, or who you know – it’s how well you know each other that counts.

Strong relationships take simple “contacts” and turn them into powerful “connections.”  It doesn’t really matter if I have an amazing database of people with many phone numbers.  What really matters is if I can pick up the phone and ask some of them for a favor and they take my call then are willing to do that favor.

2 thoughts on “While Quantity is Important, Quality is King in Networking

  1. Bom dia ivan sou do Brasil bni maestria sao Roque. Ouco os podcast todos oa dias e aprebdi que toda a metodologia ja vazia parte de minha vida. Hoje me convidaram para uma palestra sobre educação no bni.
    Poderia me dar uma idéia sobre o que poderei dizer para crescimento do grupo?

    1. I used Google Translate to translate Erika’s message above. It is:

      Good morning, I’m from Brazil and I’m from Roque. I listen to the podcast every day and realize that the whole methodology is already empty part of my life. Today I was invited to a lecture on education in the bni. Could you give me an idea of what I can say for group growth?

      My answer to the question is to read this article. It should help you with your group.


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