Where You Come from Does Not Determine Where You Go

Just last month, I had the honor of being given the Citrus College Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award, along with another fellow alumni recipient, Daniel Parks.

In this video of my acceptance speech, I talk about a concept that means a lot to me . . . where you come from does not determine where you go; what you do determines where you go. I am living proof of that this concept is true.

Do you have a personal story of triumph which demonstrates that success can be attained regardless of one’s starting point?  If so, I would really love to hear it!  Please leave a comment and tell me about it . . .

One thought on “Where You Come from Does Not Determine Where You Go

  1. yes ! i strongly agree ..you do not have choices about where you will take birth but you really have lots of choice where you want GO…and END up your life’s journey…!!

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