What is a Brand?

I recently ran across a very good definition of what a company “brand” is all about. It was written by Tilka Design. I really loved it, and I share it with you below:

A brand lives in the imagination.
Intuitively, we all know what a brand is. It’s far more than a logo. And it’s much larger than a product, service, idea or institution. A brand finds its home in the minds and hearts of individuals; it’s made up of stories and experiences that, over time, create feelings. When enough people share those feelings, the brand comes to life.

What a great definition! What would you add, if anything, to this description?

10 thoughts on “What is a Brand?

  1. Yes, brand is much more than a logo.

    I have the brand of ‘the twittering tax man’ that has developed rather than being created.

    Indeed I was recently considering rebranding and posted a blog, ‘The death of the twittering tax man’


    The response to this blog was so great that I decided to keep my brand as it was and posted another blog, ‘The twittering tax man lives’


    Brand is much more than the cost of the logo, as I’ve found when people hear about me they already ‘know’ me from my blogs.

  2. Being relatively new to internet marketing, I have come across the subject of a company or a person’s ‘brand’ only a few times. It is obviously something to strive for, as we are so very conscious of many successful ‘brands.’

    Thanks for a great definition, Ivan.

  3. After our first exhibition as a new company in 2004, I returned to the plant and told our employees that ICON now had a life of its own. To be sure we would have to nurture it and feed it, but no longer did we have to push it into the market. From that point on, we channeled the life we created and turned it into a business that survived the business downturn of 2008 – 2009. ICON was alive in the minds and imaginations of those beyond our walls.

  4. Perfect definition!

    Feelings and hearts – this is the clue. As in BNI every chapter meeting must show true feelings towards visitors and open hearts to help one another!


  5. I really like the importance implied here of planning for the longevity of a relationship, it is in essence what a brand is.

    This understanding can open so many doors, new perspectives and opportunities on how a company can interact with their customers, suppliers and audience enriching the whole brand experience.

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