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Welcome to the “Networking Now” Blog here at Entrepreneur.com.  My name is Ivan Misner and I am the Founder & Chairman of BNI – the world’s largest business networking organization and the Senior Partner for the Referral Institute – the world’s leading referral training organization.

I am looking forward to creating an environment where we can talk about topics related to relationship networking, referral marketing, and maybe a few other themes from time to time in a way that helps you, as an Entrepreneur, to improve and develop your networking and marketing skills to grow your business.

Make sure to check back in on a regular basis.  I promise you that we will cover some interesting topics as I travel the world networking with some leading experts on business and marketing.

All the best.

Dr. Ivan Misner
September 17, 2007

12 thoughts on “Welcome One and All

  1. Dear Dr Misner,

    I am a member of a Victorville,CA Chapter of BNI. I really enjoyed this article and agree that they should teach networking in universities. I am in the advertising business and have had many hours of sales training but I was never taught networking. When I first joined I really did not see the benifit untill recently. I now get more referrals now than my whole 10 year carreer in sales. It is crucial to get out of your cave and socialize with people that can help you succeed and also be a giver to all the people in your network. I recommend that people get up, get out, and learn how to properly network. It will change their whole dynamic of their business.

    Ray Saldana
    Call Yellow Directory

  2. Dr. Misner

    I’m a Asst. Director in NorthernVa,a member in BNI-Montclair Chapter. Word of mouth advertising has always been the strongest method of promoting products and service’s.Before telegraph,TV,Radio and cell phones the way people recieved information was through mail,or in person.The bni networking referral system is living proof of that power.My current business of eight years is a proof that networking does work,i’ve spent least than 1000.00 per year on advertising.I also started a new business this year that i plan on growing internationally,with the help of your networking and referral system.It is amazing that college/universities do not educate ther students on networking and it’s importance in the real business world.Thanks to YOU and others like Brian Tracey to educate the members of BNI.
    CLARENCE ADAMS/ Capitol Credit Group

  3. Dr. Misner has just zeroed in on a way we can change the world. The 2-3 minute BNI weekly education sessions and even the 2 1/2 hour MSP2 are not enough. We need in-depth training in networking. Having experienced professionals conducting courses in universities or even high schools will make a major difference in the way we approach business.

    Gail Stolzenburg
    Assistant Director
    BNI Houston West Region

  4. Hello Dr. Misner,

    I am an AD in Florida (Sandy Donovan’s Region) and I am looking forward to the new blog. Just another tool we can use to build our business through the word of mouth marketing.

    John Carr
    Velox Systems, Inc.
    Store, Copy, Fax, Print, Share and Scan John @ VSI is your Man!

  5. Thank you, Dr. Misner for continuing to provide us opportunities to better ourselves. Being a member of ‘Synergy, Monroe, CT’ BNI has allowed me tremendous growth not only in my business but in my personal life as well. BNI training has allowed me to personally enter into leadership roles that I wouldn’t have attempted before. Miss Teen USA, when interviewed, said that young people are never taught how to speak in front of groups of people, and thought it imperative to add this to the high school curriculum. Networking is an art that all human life should be able to master, at any level. Our children would have far less problems if they had the self confidence developed by learning to interact with others. Thank you, again.

  6. Ivan; You are truly a visionary. With 37 countires and over 100,000 members, Business Network Int’l continues to provide new tools. The “Networking Now” blog will be shared with the over 1,200 members in the Connecticut Region.
    For over 10 years I was a volunteer instructor at the Entrepreneurial Center, Hartford College. As part of the “Business Communications” course, I included tools and tips on networking.

    I would like to hear from others that using their BNI knowledge to teach others outside BNI.

    See you in New Orleans,

    Alice Ostrower
    Exectutive Director BNI Connecticut

  7. Hello Dr Misner

    I am an Insurance consultant and BNI RD in the UK, London NW and just received the email about this site.

    What a great idea and another way to build our contacts and business. I have been self employed for just over 1 year now, and many colleagues don’t believe that I have not had to make a cold call during this time.

    I look forward to seeing lots of great blogs and posts

    Marie Coles
    Bond Insurance Services
    ” I read the small print so you don’t have to”
    Proud to be a ”Bond” Girl

  8. Dear Dr Misner

    I am not at all surprised at the response from the university. Many accademics have a career path – school – university – teaching and it is a narrow path.

    I am retired and to keep my mind alert I have just become a self employed authorised distributor for Untility Warehouse a discount club owned by Telecomplus PLC in the UK . The only way we obtain business is by referal. The company does not advertise and BNI is one of the recommended breakfast clubs to help grow my business.

    I recognised, after my first meeting, just how good BNI is and it reminded me of my early Banking days when networking was a standard form of business. I left banking after nearly 30 years and spent the next 15 in industry and was very fortunate to enjoy both jobs.

    There are responsibilities with networking – trust, honesty,standing by a deal made and a willingness to go the extra mile. ie BNI moto ” Givers Gain”.

    Networking needs to be part of any companies training not just something done in an individuals spare time. I find it very sad that youngsters do not have the exposure to this powerful way of obtain new business and friendships.

    Martin Bale (Retired!)
    Authorised Distributor for Utility Warehouse.

  9. Dr. Misner:

    Your article was not only accurate but in my opinion essential. I have been a member of BNI Connecticut for almost a year. BNI, under the leadership and guidance of Executive Director Alice Ostrower has greatly exceeded my expectations. My new business has grown from zero clients in January 2007 to over 75 in nine months.

    As an Attorney, I spend virtually every day of the week networking. I attempt build trust and confidence with every contact that I meet. In the law as in business, you cannot teach experience from just reading a text book. My own experience has shown that word of mouth referrals accelerate the trust factor and lead to quality clients.

    Attorney Don M. Hodgdon

  10. I read many years ago that if you work on your job or business, you will make a living. If you work on yourself, you will make a fortune!
    The information here helps us to so exaclty that- work on our skill set which in turn we can take to the market place to add value over and above anyone else.
    A truly valuable resource. I will be checking in regularly for ideas and inspiration. Thank you and well done to Dr Misner and the team at entrepreneur.com

    Niri S Patel
    Co National Director, BNI India
    Executive Director, Yorkshire, UK
    International Speaker and Trainer in Getting Results…Fast

  11. i want to put my buisness as office cleaning but i dont know where to start how to sell my buissenss do you have any idea where to start i even put a name for it but how can i call the building managers or do i have to call them pls answer thanks

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